Common mistakes most women make during that time of the month

Every woman knows that at that certain time of the month, we can change. Sometimes it lasts for a few days or a week, sometimes just a day or few hours. We are all affected by it differently, and some of us share different symptoms. It’s never a pleasant time, let’s be honest.

So I thought it would be as better time as any to share with you some of the common mistakes many women make during this time. We can all get through it together.

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Indulge in the sweet treats or comfort food

Why is it we automatically go for the sweet treats during this time? But alas many of us reach for the chocolate or comfort food. However, the thing about it is that we do ourselves no favors. The sugar in the sweet treats will give us all a little lift, but it is only temporary. As the sugar leaves our system so does our happiness, ending up for us to reach them all over again. Try and refrain from the temptation during this time.

Not get the rest they need

While we can’t call our employer and take a sick day each month because of it, we do need to rest up during this time. What we fail to realize is that our bodies are going through changes during this time. It can make some of us feel pretty lousy. Partly this is because we are just expected to get on with things. While that is true, allow yourself an early night or rest as and when you can. Your body will thank you for it.

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Choose to wallow in their emotions

Many of us become much more emotional when we are on our periods. I’m not sure why, but our hormones are all over the place. This can cause many women to feel etery and upset over nothing. The best advice would be to try and not fall into those emotions. They can end up making you feel worse and run down. Instead, use the time to work on your positive mindset and try and fill your time with happy things. Even if it ends up being, that you watch a funny movie to pass the time. You will feel much better for doing something happy and positive than getting yourself into a bit of a negative mess.

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Not to use a good protection

The worst thing about being on your period is not feeling protective enough. But sadly many women still use those forms of protection even if they don’t feel so comfortable with them. This is where finding alternative methods like soft cups could be life changing. If we can’t get a day off work to lounge on the sofa, then we may as well feel our absolute best during a difficult time.

The best thing you can do is to give yourself a little break. Accept that you are emotional, perhaps moody and a little agitated. Be happy that it is only for a short time of the month, and try and be positive. As a woman your body is doing amazing things each month, so remember that when you can. Give yourself a break.

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