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As we enter yet another new year full of optimism, positive vibes and plenty to look forward to, we could be in the ideal frame of mind to take a look at ourselves in greater depth. Taking a step back and reflecting on our lifestyle choices every now and again is healthy and can help us get back onto the right track if we have veered into unhealthy territory. Do you have a newfound penchant for sherry after Christmas? Has the gym become a thing of the past? Are you smoking the odd cigarette again?

By exploring the facets of your daily life, you’ll be able to construct a list of things you want to improve. Often there is no better way to kick-start the new year and start rectifying your lifestyle than with a detox. But which sort of detox should you choose?

Read on to find out.


The Juice Cleanse

If you feel like you’ve been a bit of a glutton recently, and you’ve hoovered up everything edible within your home, you may feel bloated and tired. Your body may be aching for healthier morsels to devour. By embarking on a week-long juice detox, you are radically shifting your eating into one of semi-permanent drinking. As you are only completing this detox for a week, you needn’t worry about any long-term damage; rather you will be experiencing a short-term gain.

You may want to explore the different juices you can have a go at making. If you require an energy-boosting regime, why not consider having a week full of spinach, kale and wheatgrass based juices to reinvigorate you. If you’ve recently been feeling under the weather or sluggish, a kiwi, ginger and orange based zingy drink will give you the much-needed Vitamin C to boost your immune system. At the end of your detox, you’ll feel refreshed, lighter and ready to embark on a healthier eating plan.


The Raw Food Detox

If the thought of a liquid diet fills you with dread, you may wish to consider the raw food detox. By eating food in its more natural state rather than cooked, you are inevitably cutting out meat, fish and other processed foods. Your diet will become heavily plant-based with an abundance of vitamins and minerals that you may once have been lacking. While not for everyone and perhaps not for the long term, a short raw food detox can leave you feeling rejuvenated and healthier.


The Serious Detox

You may have been a smoker in the past and have recently relapsed. It’s important to explore the options that will help you quit smoking for good rather than attempting to go cold turkey and failing. Consider vaping or slow release nicotine patches or gum to ease your withdrawal from cigarettes. If you tend to binge drink to excess socially, you could choose to visit the best addiction clinic near you to try and combat your reliance on alcohol. By accepting that you have a problem, you can take the first step to overcoming the causes of it. Taking this courageous step could see you heading for a much healthier, more positive and prosperous 2018.

Detoxes have had a bad press recently, but if you implement them responsibly and only for a short period of time, they can help get your health and lifestyle back on a more even keel.

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