How to slip from the grasp of insomnia and get to sleep easier

Many people around the world find it difficult to get to sleep. In fact, it’s not just about the current fast-paced nature of our lives and the environment we live in; it’s much deeper than that.

The process of sleep is complicated because the human brain is actually, most active during this period of the day. In order for the body and mind to go to sleep, the brain must calculate the surroundings for any threats or harms. It must then release chemicals in the body to paralyze itself, so we don’t move during sleep and hurt ourselves. Being stressed can prevent the brain from shutting down into a state that’s soothing and washes away the troubles of activities of the day; a very complex cycle that the brain needs to achieve every single night.

Insomnia is the bane of that cycle; it’s an issue in the brain activity which means for most people insomnia is only temporary. There are certain issues around the condition that lead people to drastic measures, but there are also natural calming and techniques you can try to avail of the problem.

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Don’t rely on artificial methods

Many people think they need substances or transitioning consumptions to get to sleep quicker. Some people rely on the old adage way of boiling milk and drinking it just before bedtime to calm their insides and allow the body to take the pent up energy they might have, and focus it on the digestive system. Some people, unfortunately, rely on substances like sleeping pills or chemicals that have an anaesthesia effect. If you’re in need of such assistance as to wean yourself off of such reliances, there is treatment for insomnia relating to substance dependencies. It’s also important to not smoke before going to bed because having a cigarette puts nicotine into your system, which in turn triggers stimulants in your body and mind.

Schedule, comfort and environment

The basics of sleeping require the brain to calmly stop multiple conscious and subconscious activity. To achieve this with a common certainty, you need to keep a schedule for when you go to bed. The animalistic part of the brain, recognizes patterns and routines, making it ready to deploy actions that may result in going to sleep quicker. The environment you sleep in must also be tamed.

Total darkness helps the mind to shut down because light isn’t peering through your eyelids to keep you awake. The temperature should be optimal so that you need the duvet to be totally comfortable, but not too cold or hot either. The noise levels must also be tamed so there are minimal disturbances. Your bed must be comfortable and relax the skin surface as irritants can keep your senses awake even though the mind may be ready to doze off. Equally, the materials of your bed must be so that there’s no friction or possible rash forming or itching.


Relax before bedtime

Try and look for something that you find relaxing as calming your nerves and slowing down your cognitive brain can help in shutting down the brain, ready for sleep. Shut off your smartphone and don’t use it while in bed because this is proving to keep millions of people awake during the night.

If you have worries that are niggling away at you, write them down during the day or a few hours before bedtime. Also, write down the potential solution to these issues, so you have goals to aim for, or at the very least you know what you can do up to a point. Therefore, if your mind knows that there is a stop-gap to your issues, you can only go so far when thinking about them; i.e. you’ll hit a brick wall of which the only action can climb over.

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