Staying safe during your first Spring Break

Spring Break has become a universal rite of passage there to encourage youngsters to let loose, go wild and burn off any steam before the real world slams into them like the two-ton truck that it is. If you were to ask us, we’d say kids have earned this right. Sure, they don’t know what it is like to be conscripted into the army or be suppressed by unfair rules, but the social and educational pressures heaped on them are unlike anything we have seen before.


However, before you pack your best pair of trunks or your most flattering swimsuit and head off on a whirlwind adventure, it is important to know how to be safe. Just because this is sold to you as one of the best experiences of your life doesn’t mean it will be without question. Nope. It is up to you to ensure a safe and successful Spring Break happens otherwise you run the risk of living with a ruined memory. (Wow, that got heavy).


Always Buddy Up

Unless you have chosen a destination that even Google Maps hasn’t heard of, Spring Break is going to be packed and that means you will probably lose track of some of your friends. As such, do what all responsible travelers do, which is embrace the Buddy Up system and have that one person you will always be with. Pool parties, beach raves, clubbing, whatever; always stay with your buddy. Arrive together and leave together.


Research Is Key

Before you take off, make sure you’ve read up on any details that may come in handy and done all you can to be prepared. Pre-arranged airport transfers. Never take lifts that are just offered to you. Read up on the hotel you’re staying at. Ask the concierge if there are any bits of information about safety and security you should know about, and if there are there certain areas you should keep your pretty high heels out of. Find out about what travel scams are currently on the rise. The more you know the better.


Make Smart Choices

As much fun as Spring Break is, you need to be alert at all times and make smart choices. We’re talking about drinking responsibly and never leaving your drink unattended. We’re talking about sexual health awareness and knowing where to go if you have any worries when you, you know, wake up, which this website can help with We’re talking about wearing sunscreen when spending the day on the beach, and staying hydrated and wearing a hat. We’re talking about having a system whereby one person in your group stays relatively sober just in case. These are all smart choices.


Be On The Ball

Launching yourself into Spring Break is like stepping into a surreal fantasy where the real life gets left behind. That’s why it is so important you keep a finger on the pulse and keep your wits about you. If you don’t like a situation you’re in, find a way to leave. Before you go out for the night, have a plan so that everyone knows where you are going at what time, how you are getting there and what time you’ll be heading back to wherever you’re staying.

Another absolute must-have is a fully-charged phone and possibly the app Parachute, which you can get at It can be so easy to get caught up in the circus and let loose, but just try and make sure you have at least one foot firmly on the ground that is real life.

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