New hangout spots as nocturnals find solace in evening spas

In these more modern times when we seem to not have time to pamper ourselves, night spas have emerged as destinations to unwind irrespective of the time of the day.

 These days, night owls are classified in two groups – those who head off to wind down amid the blaring music in bars and the beauty night owls who seek a pampering in evening spas.

In 2003, the spa-goer study by the International Spa Association (ISPA) revealed that most people prefer to have their spa session during the weekend. The second most preferred schedule is in the evening or after work.

The study also showed that males are most likely to take a trip to spas after work than women. The ISPA reported that most women prefer to have their treatment during the day.

While spa sessions were considered epicurean, luxurious, and even self-indulgent in the past, people are now recognizing how essential it is in one’s well-being. And with numerous tasks, appointments, and meetings that take up people’s time during the day, night time provides the perfect schedule for an ultimate pampering treat.

After an evening spa, one is rejuvenated – ready to once again face the challenges of work that comes the next day. For many professionals, this is vital as continued exposure to stress and a stressful environment can have negative effects on one’s productivity.


Today, the spa is added to the list of late night hangouts that bust the stress out of people’s system. Spa has joined all-time favorites bars, movie houses, theaters, and dining areas as favored after-work destinations.

Over the years, the spa has become a place to socialize, with numerous urban warriors choosing to meet in its relaxed atmosphere for group sessions. In essence, the spa has provided a delightful atmosphere where one can hangout, interact, relax, and chill out after a day of serious work.

Many prefer to take a trip to the aroma-filled environs of spa after work as this provides them a multitude of conveniences. Compared to weekends, spas are less crowded during the night time. This serenity affords people a quick escape from the high-strung, loud environment that they are exposed to during the day.

With less people vying for attention, spa goers observe that attendants are more accommodating during the evening. As such, their trip to their favorite evening oasis is maximized.

The younger spa goers troop to spas in preparation for a fun night at different clubs. Their freshly scrubbed and moisturized skin, clean nails and toes, and renewed energy give them the confidence to socialize in the evening party scene.

The result is an evening pampering scene where lawyers and executives who seek a relaxing way to end their day co-mingle with young people who are raring to start their evening night out.


In New York, one of the most glamorous and stress-filled cities in the world, people are finding an oasis in such spa venues as SoHo.
In Tokyo, spa owners and operators have decided to forego closing in the evening to accommodate the influx of clients during the evening.

In Italy, the beauty night shift is not an unheard of schedule with beauty cliques and tired urban warriors share the desire to be in a soothing and luxurious environment.

In the Philippines various hotels like Sofitel are offering spa treatments even after the setting of the sun. In busy cities like Makati, evening spas are also ready to accommodate the desired treatment of the people. Marvelously, an interesting mix of ages usually turns up. This just goes to show people’s – regardless of gender – appreciation of the contribution of spas in today’s modern environment.
No matter the culture, the place, and the time zone, evening spas have established their importance. And no matter the race, people are unanimous in acknowledging that evening spas are a sensational antidote to stress and a brilliant means to decompress.


Whether it is used as a means to de-stress after work, cap a long day in the most luxurious way, or recharge for a night of partying, spas have provided that important environment where people get the pampering that they deserve. And as what is proven in today’s modern world, the benefits of given by these havens are not only beauty related. Spas have become an important element in keeping people healthy.

By the looks of it, people will be delighted to know that spas are here to stay. And with the stress-filled environment that we are exposed to every single day, it is good to know that our de-stress options have grown with the addition of nurturing spas.

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