Say cheese! How to keep your smile intact

Here are some ways that you can take care of your teeth and keep your smile intact.

There are few things better than a truly radiant smile! A smile can set people at ease, can connect two people across a crowded room, and it can comfort people when they’re upset. So the last thing you want is to feel as though you can’t smile as openly as you want to. For a lot of people, this feeling usually comes from a sense of insecurity about their teeth. Many people feel so unhappy with their teeth that they will avoid smiling at any cost so that they can make sure that no one ever sees them. Of course, this is no way to live.

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In order to help you get away from feeling like that, here are some ways that you can take care of your teeth and keep your smile intact.

See your dentist regularly

Look, no one likes going to the dentist. It’s awkward, and it’s uncomfortable, it’s no one’s idea of a good time. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not important. If you put off taking a trip to the dentist, then you’re just going to end up in a position where your teeth are in even worse condition than they are now. A dentist can help to guide you in the right direction when it comes to taking better care of your smile. This could be through better maintenance, braces, or even tooth removal if things have gotten particularly bad. However, you’re never going to know what to do unless you actually go and see them. Hiding your head in the sand never did anyone any good.

Follow your dentist’s instructions

All too often people brush their teeth more thoroughly the day before they go to the dentist than any other time, then as soon as they leave the dentist’s office they completely ignore any instructions that the dentist gives them. If your doctor prescribed you a course of antibiotics, you wouldn’t just forget to take them, would you? Of course not!

So if your dentist tells you that it’s time to start flossing regularly, listen to them. Go out and get some floss. They aren’t just telling you this stuff for the sake of it. They’re telling you because it’s what’s best for the health of your teeth!

Avoid foods that color your teeth

One of the most common things that people deal with is that their teeth are actually entirely healthy, the problem is just that they are stained yellow. Even if you brush them as thoroughly as possible, you’re not always able to deal with that kind of staining. You can get your teeth whitened of course, but if you keep doing things that are going to stain your teeth, then that’s a temporary fix at best.

Avoid smoking, of course. But you should also try and avoid things like coffee and red wine which can often stain your teeth quite significantly. Or at least make sure to rinse your mouth after eating or drinking anything that’s going to leave your teeth looking stained. It might be a bit of an inconvenience, but being able to enjoy your smile is worth it.

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