Getting the support you need before and after pregnancy

Support is important during and after pregnancy for the physical and emotional health of the mother and her baby. Here are good ways to find the shoulder you need and lean on it.

Pregnancy is a crucial stage in every woman’s life. She experiences significant changes in her body, physically and mentally. You may not always be prepared for what comes your way, and you will need a support system to help you get through these changes well.

Support is important during and after pregnancy for the physical and emotional health of the mother and her baby. Here are good ways to find the shoulder you need and lean on it.

Pregnant Moms Support Groups

This is probably the first thing that comes in mind when you think about pregnancy and support. Pregnancy support groups are actually a great way of getting all the information and help you will need to get through your pregnancy.  Support groups like these are made up of pregnant women like you who are going through the same experiences and changes.  You get to discuss issues surrounding your pregnancy, any problems you may be facing and how to solve them. 

 If you are a first-time mum, you will find these groups incredibly helpful in assisting you to cope with the situation, find the best ways to make your pregnancy a pleasant experience and anticipate the birth of your child.  Being a first-time mum can be very overwhelming, primarily because of all the changes that occur physically and emotionally. While your close friends, family and partner may do their best to be there for you, they may never really understand how to help you. Not as much as the pregnant women in your group will. Ask around, and you’ll probably find one such group in your neighbourhood. If there isn’t, you can always start one!

Professional Support

Most people only think of getting professional emotional support when they are going through something serious like mental illness or depression. It is, however, essential to understand that psychologists and psychiatrists are there not just to treat mental illness, depression, anxiety and stress but also to offer emotional and mental support to those who need it.

Take a look through your local network of doctors and professionals( or shrinks, as some people prefer to call them), and you’ll likely find some who can offer invaluable prenatal and postnatal support for your situation in particular.  The ideal doctor would be a woman who has been pregnant before, but it should not come as a surprise if a man or a woman who hasn’t been pregnant before offers you support.

Here you can confide in them and tell them everything that is bothering you in both physical and emotional aspects, and they will, in turn,  help you find solutions and give you much-needed advice to get through your pregnancy.  Professional support is necessary before and after birth. 

Family and Experienced Women

Sometimes but the best advice comes from people who have been where you are. It could be your mother, sister, neighbour, co-worker, friend or any other woman who has been pregnant before. Make use of this network of women to get the emotional support you need.  They can give you priceless advice and tips on things that may not be known commonly. 

Your mother may learn a trick to help with morning sickness or back pain.  Your sister could show you a nice place to get food that is healthy and friendly for pregnant women. The neighbor may show you a nice store to get baby prams at a low price. Sometimes we need them to be there and listen. They may even help you get through any anxiety or stress you may experience, such as the fear of painful delivery that is very common amongst pregnant women, especially those in the third trimester. 

Online programs and sites

The internet is not always a bad place to seek advice. There’s plenty of programs designed to support pregnant women. There are lots of resources, some posted by the government and others by various web sites with information to answer any questions you may need regarding your pregnancy. All you have to do is reach out.

Some of these internet platforms provide factual information regarding pre and postnatal care. Some may offer to counsel while others give information on specific aspects such as the trimesters, postnatal healing and care and tips to help you handle your baby in the first few days. Others have forums where women participate and give opinions, reviews on products or simply as questions to get answers. You only need to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable source that provides factual and verified information. Also, be careful not to disclose sensitive personal information to strangers who may use it for illegal purposes.

Your partner

The closest source of support ad comfort should be your partner. They should be available to offer all the emotional support you need. If possible, they should be able to take a break from work, even if just a short one, to help you get through the challenging parts of your pregnancy, such as labour. Your partner should also be someone you can talk to whenever you feel tensed all depressed so you can find solutions together and ease your mind.

In conclusion, there are plenty of places you can seek support as you go through your pregnancy. The best place would be amongst women who have been there before. They can share experiences and help you discover tips and tricks to make the whole experience more pleasant. If you feel like you need specialized emotional support, do not be ashamed to consult with a professional. Remember your mental and physical health are paramount for the healthy growth and development of the baby.

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