‘Check yourself’ for testicular cancer

Did you know one man, every hour, every day is diagnosed with testicular cancer? 

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and MANSCAPED, the leading brand in men’s below-the-waist grooming and hygiene, is taking initiative to raise awareness and spark action. Together with partner Testicular Cancer Society (TCS), the team produced another video to show men how to check themselves in under 60 seconds for the possible signs and symptoms of testicular cancer.

The clip uses humor to break down the initial barrier men have when talking about the topics of the male groin and of this prevalent disease. In fact, testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer among men ages 15-35. However, upon early detection, it is up to 99% treatable.

“Early detection and treatment of testicular cancer – when it is nearly 100% curable – is crucial. A lack of awareness can lead to later-stage diagnosis, higher treatment burdens and even loss of life,” says Mike Craycraft, a testicular cancer survivor and founder of TCS.

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