5 Tips to transform your backyard pool into a resort-like getaway

Here are five simple tips for getting the most out of a backyard summer staycation.

Millions of families are staying home this summer due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean a resort-like getaway is out of reach. In fact, Leslie’s Pool Supplies has expert suggestions to help backyard pool owners transform their pool areas and recreate a resort experience without leaving home.

“This summer, more people than ever are skipping their trips to resorts, beaches and lakes and rediscovering the simple pleasures of their own backyard pools,” said Leslie’s Vice President of Marketing Communications Tracy Dick. “We want to help people get maximum enjoyment from their pools with unique and innovative products from Leslie’s.”

Here are five simple tips for getting the most out of a backyard summer staycation:

  1. Channel a backyard spa: Use the right water additives, which not only soothes and moisturizes dry summer skin but also infuses the whole pool area with a relaxing aroma, all while keeping water fresh and clean. And don’t forget the hot tub that will elevate any soaking experience.
  2. Float into relaxation: Grab a floating lounge or a sonic boom speaker or giant Flamingo and T-Rex Dinosaur floats to add to the ambiance.
  3. Light it up: Night swimming is a great escape from the day’s heat, and solar-powered LED lights can help here to set a festive mood with a resort vibe.
  4. Create a space to gather: Consider adding an outdoor patio seating or lounge chairs to provide luxury seating, complete with colorful umbrellas to give respite from the sun.
  5. Keep it safe: Have some system that will instantly generate an alarm at home and on a smartphone in the event of danger.
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