Tips on selecting the right sanitizer

Hand sanitizers have become increasingly important in the home, office and even when traveling as we look to battle COVID-19 and other viruses.

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As consumer demand has grown and there is an increasingly wide variety of hand sanitizers available, Smart Care, a leader in hand sanitizers since 2015 with its Smart Card Hand Sanitizer, puts forth the following tips when searching for the right product.

1.  Be Sure About Alcohol Percentage

Smart Care Hand Sanitizer
Smart Care Hand Sanitizer

The amount of alcohol in the hand sanitizer is critically important and the most effective hand sanitizers consist of 60-85% alcohol by volume, so be sure to check the alcohol percentage before purchasing.

2.  Check Alcohol Type

 Ethanol is proven to be more effective than isopropyl alcohol on its own against viruses. Be sure to check the type of alcohol to make sure you are purchasing the most effective hand sanitizer.

3.  Additional Ingredients

Check out the extra ingredients in the hand sanitizers as ingredients like Aloe, which is used in Smart Care hand sanitizers, help to smooth the skin upon application and reduce the dryness associated with alcohol.

4.  Proper Application is Important

In advance of application, make sure to clean all dirt and grease from your hands.  Apply a small dab of hand sanitizer to the palm of one hand, then rub your hands together. Make sure the sanitizer has dried before wiping your hands.

5.  Select a Brand with A Proven Reputation

Lastly, with the increasing number of brands on the market make sure to select a brand that has an established reputation for delivering performance and efficacy.

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