Three painting tips from the pros

A three-day weekend is the perfect time to freshen up the look of a room with a painting project, while still being able to relax and enjoy the kickoff to summer.

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These three tips from Dunn-Edwards Paints will make painting the room fun and easy, and leave it looking good as new.

TIP 1. Pair and Sample Colors:
If you’re not sure what you want, Sara McLean, blogger and Dunn-Edwards color expert and stylist, suggests pairing and sampling in advance of painting day. “Lay your color chips on the floor to see how they pair. Warm hues look great with many hardwoods. Traditional, warm neutrals are an easy starting point to refresh your home’s color palette.” Most importantly, several days before painting day, purchase samples of the colors you’re considering and paint large swatches on the wall and live with them for a couple days. “You want to see how the colors look throughout the day, in both natural daylight and your home’s lighting. Invite friends over and let them help you decide.”

According to McLean, earth tones and nature-based colors are on-trend. Warm browns and milky tans — think latte. Light greens and blues are classy, and even some reds and oranges. Pinks, including the overwhelmingly trendy “Millennial Pink” are trending and look gorgeous coordinated with deep teal greens, turquoises and brilliant blues. Warm grays are starting to trend over cooler shades. She adds that while neutrals are a popular choice, an occasional bold accent wall in a darker or complementary shade gives you a designer look. For more inspiration, watch this How to Choose Color video, and explore and match colors on the Dunn-Edwards InstaColor® app.

TIP 2. Measure the Right Amount:
You’ve chosen your color – now how much will you need? You don’t want to buy too much, nor do you want to run out before you’re done painting. Check out this video that explains how to calculate how much paint you will need and walks you through Dunn-Edwards’ online paint calculator.

If you need more than one gallon, McLean recommends mixing the cans together to ensure the color is consistent. “There can be a slight difference from one can to another, so blend them together for a flawless look.”

TIP 3. Learn from the Painting Pros:
Did you know that you should moisten your brush or roller before applying the paint? It will help them pick up and release the most amount of paint. In this video, you’ll learn more tips such as how to get the most out of your sandpaper, why everyone needs a 5-in-1 painter’s tool and how to keep a roller from drying out when you take a break.

If you’re inspired to trade in the TV remote for a paintbrush over the long weekend, Dunn-Edwards Paints has dozens more how to paint videos to help you tackle a DIY project like a pro.

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