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ROIDMI cordless vacuum cleaners can help keep homes clean and fresh during summer

As the top brand of cordless vacuum cleaners in China, ROIDMI has introduced to the Philippines the idea of “cordless” cleaning, through the ROIDMI X-series of cordless vacuum cleaners and wipe cleaners.



Summer is just around the corner, and as more and more Filipinos have gotten used to life indoors, it is a must that their households are kept clean and fresh. As the need for keeping homes clean becomes a demand, ROIDMI introduces its unique line of smart cordless vacuums that redefines the endeavor of keeping our homes clean, fresh, and safe.

As the top brand of cordless vacuum cleaners in China, ROIDMI has introduced to the Philippines the idea of “cordless” cleaning, through the ROIDMI X-series of cordless vacuum cleaners and wipe cleaners.

ROIDMI Cordless Vacuum Cleaner X30 VX

At the forefront of its major product releases, it introduces the ROIDMI Cordless Vacuum Cleaner X30 VX that boasts modern and automatic cleaning with super suctioning features. The X30 VX is a powerful an industrial grade electronic mop that is equipped with a High-Speed Dual Rotary Cleaning System. It features a hands-free mopping feature which removes the need to bend over to reach even the tightest of spots – spots that can accumulate dust and other particles over time.

In terms of cleaning, the cordless mop can be washed and dried with just one press of a button, as it has a built-in water tank with an electric water control output.

ROIDMI Cordless Vacuum Cleaner X30 Pro

The X30 Pro is ROIDMI’s most powerful machine, powered by ROIDMI’s proprietary Engine-X 2.0. Running at 120 thousand revolutions per minute with a suction power of 150AW, the Engine-X 2.0 boasts stronger performance, longer battery life with less noise as it also has an optimized battery management system – the BMS-X 2.0 – extending battery life up to 70 mins allowing the X30 Pro to clean up to 450 square meters of space in just one single charge.

The X30 Pro also includes a self-disinfection feature as it is equipped with Novaron Ion Antibacterial Materials and an Ion Anti-Bacterial Rear Filter which prevents the escape of bacteria in the exhaust gas. This ensures that the air coming out of the vacuum will be filtered and harmless. The cordless vacuum also includes a NEX V brush that has ionic antibacterial coating to inhibit the growth of bacteria when not in use. Because of its Nanoscale Hydrophobic fiber, it makes the cordless mop water and stain resistant (6:53)

The X30 Pro also comes with a pet brush tip which is ideal for pets’ shedding season (or even giving them a soothing and relaxing massage).

ROIDMI Cordless Vacuum Cleaner X20

A first-of-its-kind product, the X20 comes with a magnetic wet mop accessory with an intelligent slop drop technology guaranteeing uniform water flow, freeing the worries of overspilling.

Equipped with an all-surface cleaning feature, the X20 has an improved and bigger roller ground brush with soft roller brushes, allowing it to absorb not only large particles, but also smaller particles that often get into small gaps and accumulate over time. The X20 also has a user replaceable battery module, ensuring longer product lifespans.

Affordable ROIDMI Vacuum Cleaners

ROIDMI also provides more affordable cordless vacuum options for those who are on-a-budget. The Z1 Air and the S2 cordless vacuums also hold premium cleaning features for a reasonable price.

Despite its size, weighing less than 3kgs, the Z1 Air has a digital brushless motor which rotates at a hundred thousand revolutions per minute, providing a suction power of 110AWatts. Equipped with a 10-tornado cyclone separation system, the Z1 Air is very efficient in terms of separating dust and reducing filter blocking, saving the hassle of cleaning the vacuum filter from time to time. With a run-time of 60 minutes with only one charge, the Z1 Air can clean a small room for many days’ worth. It also comes with a dust cup of .65L with 50% more dust capacity, along with multiple air filtration system that prevents dust from coming out – not to mention its no-touch design. It also comes with a removable long flat suction nozzle for hard-to-reach areas such as sofa folds, and a multifunction brush that could be used for cleaning laptops and other gadgets.

The S2, on the other hand, is a classic ROIDMI design, winning several global design awards. It has a 270-degree handle that embodies ROIDMI’s modern, simple, and ergonomic aesthetic branding. It is also equipped with a roller brush that has an independent, built-in 25W power motor, enhancing efficiency and providing an even deeper clean. The roller also lights up to allow flexible cleaning even in dark corners of the household. The S2’s filters are also washable, making it a cost effective, sustainable product.

Cordless Cleaning for Indoor Summer

As many people are preparing for the summer vacation, some are also focusing on keeping their homes clean, fresh, and safe for their families as it is expected that most people might have to spend the summer season indoors. ROIDMI cordless vacuum cleaners provide flexible, favorable, and more efficient solutions that removes the idea of cleaning as a hassle – at some point, it could also be a means to express commitment to keeping the household clean and safe, as well as protecting those who live in it. 

ROIDMI understands very well that quality is king, which is why it is prompted to release products that are modern, innovative, and smart solutions at an affordable, reasonable price.

Check out their official website via as well as their Lazada & Shopee stores  for their latest product offerings! Make sure to like and follow their official Facebook and Instagram pages to stay updated with their latest product releases.

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Product Showcase

No appointment needed at Maxicare’s new Primary Care Clinics in VV Soliven and Skyrise Cebu

Maxicare Primary Care Clinics are established to give Maxicare members convenient access to superior healthcare and excellent customer experience.



Maxicare, the largest Health Maintenance Organization in the Philippines, announced that appointments won’t be necessary for its two new Primary Care Clinics (PCCs) in VV Soliven Shopping Complex, EDSA Greenhills, San Juan City; and Skyrise Tower 4B, Guanzon St. Cebu IT Park, Cebu City.

Maxicare Primary Care Clinics are established to give Maxicare members convenient access to superior healthcare and excellent customer experience. Usually, an HMO member needs to book an appointment and present a Letter of Appointment (LOA) to avail themselves of consultations or medical tests in accredited clinics and hospitals.

For the Maxicare members’ convenience, they can skip these steps as PCCs provide a paperless queueing system and an electronic medical recording system. Members can simply walk in and complete their lab tests and doctor consultations within half an hour; with an average waiting time of only six minutes. To make waiting inside PCCs the most relaxing healthcare experience, guests are offered free beverages, wifi access, and charging stations for their devices.

Maxicare President and CEO Sean Argos explained that Filipinos deserve convenient access to quality medical services. The Primary Care Clinics were established with this in mind. “We want to encourage Filipinos to make sure that they are in the best of health. We have learned that Filipinos tend to delay their hospital visits as these take up so much of their time. It is our mission, as a company, that whatever our patients and members need today and, in the future, are served in our Primary Care Clinics. We want this to be their safe space, we want to be here for them during their trying times, and we want to serve them faster so that they can spend time on things that matter most in their life.”

Maxicare PCCs are equipped with diagnostic and laboratory test equipment with consultation rooms for families, ENT room, extraction room for blood tests, vital signs station with BMI machine, radiology station with x-ray machine, and heart station with ECG machine. Patients can also consult with primary care physicians, and specialists in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, OB Gynecology, ENT, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, and Psychiatry.

Maxicare Primary Care Clinics provide over 255 laboratory tests and procedures such as complete blood count, lipid profile (cholesterol tests), fasting blood sugar, and SGPT (liver test). They also have special laboratory tests like CA 125 (cancer antigen test) and ferritin (iron-stores test). The heart station includes ECG, 2D echo, treadmill stress test, and, soon, the Holter and Ambulatory monitoring. Anti-rabies vaccine and COVID-19 RT-PCR tests are also available.

“Maxicare is expanding our Primary Care Clinics to places closer to our members. Later this year, we are targeting to open three more PCCs before 2022 ends, with more to be opened next year,” Argos said. “We will continue finding ways to help our fellow Filipinos live their best lives.”

Take a look at the newly opened Maxicare Primary Care Clinics in VV Soliven and Skyrise Cebu.

Maxicare Prima Gold, Prima Silver, and E-Ready Advance prepaid cardholders have free and unlimited consultations at PCCs. At present, a total of 12 Primary Care Clinics are open nationwide: (Luzon) VV Soliven Greenhills EDSA, Eton Centris Quezon City, Northgate Filivest Alabang, SM City Clark, Ayala North Exchange Makati City, Bridgetowne Quezon City, W City Center BGC, and Double Dragon Meridian Park Pasay City; (Visayas) Skyrise Cebu IT Park, Cebu Business Park, and Megaworld Blvd. Iloilo; (Mindanao) Abreeza Mall Davao City. For more information about Maxicare’s PCCs, visit

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Product Showcase

This Father’s Day, give dad the gift of self-care

Engineered for advanced skin protection, these personal grooming innovations from Philips make it easy for all kinds of dads to look and feel their best.



Good dads always want what’s best for their families. That’s why they do what they can to make sure everyone’s wants and needs are met to the best of their abilities.

Being a dad is a full-time job. It involves a lot of roles – from being a provider, protector, playmate, and more. When most of a dad’s time gets split between work and helping at home day in and day out, there’s little time left for dear old dad to focus on himself.

More than ever, people are starting to see the importance of self-care in our daily lives – dads included. Committed to helping Filipinos take better care of what matters to them the most, through innovative products, Philips empowers people to create healthy habits and feel-good routines that positively change lives.

Just in time for Father’s Day, here are some gift ideas to work some self-care into your dad’s daily routine. Engineered for advanced skin protection, these personal grooming tools from Philips are designed to help dads everywhere look good, feel better, and live their best lives.

For dads who keep it simple – The Philips Shaver Series 1000

Ideal for dads who don’t spend too much time getting ready, a simple shaver makes a great gift. The Philips Shaver Series 1000 gives an effortless smooth shave with advanced skin protection. High-quality, self-sharpening blades and flex heads move in three directions to ensure an enjoyable shaving experience. With a charge time of 5 minutes for one full shave, your dad will be looking great in no time.

For dads who get creative – The Philips Hair Clipper Series 3000

A change of hairstyle is one of the quickest ways to switch up a look. For dads willing to take things into their own hands,      The Philips Hair Clipper Series 3000 is the way to go. It features DualCut self-sharpening blades designed to trim hair twice as fast, while Trim-n-Flow technology incorporates a comb to prevent clogging – helping dads finish their styling in one session.

For dads who do it all – The Philips Multigroom Series 5000 9-in-1, Face and Hair

For the dad who does everything well, The Philips Multigroom Series 5000 9-in-1 Face and Hair is a versatile grooming solution that handles all kinds of situations. This trimmer offers advanced styling and precision with 9 quality tools for styling the face and hair. DualCut blades deliver maximum precision, while the no-slip rubber grip improves comfort and control.

Shop Philips Personal Care Solutions at, Lazada or Shopee. Follow us on our Facebook (PhilipsPersonalCarePH) and Instagram ( pages for updates. Focus Global Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Philips Personal Care in the Philippines.

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Product Showcase

Pru Life UK launches free Personal Accident coverage

The free one-year accident coverage is part of Pru Life UK’s efforts in helping Filipinos get the most out of life by making it easily available via Pulse, the insurer’s holistic health and wealth management solution for consumers.



With more Filipinos looking to secure their families’ future, leading life insurer Pru Life UK recently launched its Free Personal Accident coverage with the aim to make financial security more accessible to the public.

The free one-year accident coverage is  part of Pru Life UK’s efforts in helping Filipinos get the most out of life by making it easily available via Pulse, the insurer’s holistic health and wealth management solution for consumers.

“Protecting Filipinos and their families is one of Pru Life UK’s strongest advocacies. We launched the Free Personal Accident coverage through Pulse to show the public that having life protection doesn’t have to be complicated,” Pru Life UK President and Chief Executive Officer Eng Teng Wong shared.

Pru Life UK aims to provide peace of mind to Filipinos in these uncertain times.  This limited-time offer provides an accidental death and disablement/dismemberment benefit of PHP 50,000, in the unfortunate event of the registered user’s death or injury due to an accident. It also offers a burial benefit of PHP 10,000, which will be given in case of death due to natural causes.

The FREE Personal Accident plan is exclusive to New Pulse PRUShoppe Customers or registered Pulse users that have not purchased and/or availed of any PRUShoppe product upon application of the FREE Personal Accident plan. Available from April 20- June 30, 2022, or until 150K FREE Personal Accident plans have been availed, whichever comes first. Filipinos aged 18 to 64 are eligible to register for this offer via Pulse. Further eligibility requirements can be viewed here.

“We strongly believe that through our inclusive efforts like offering this Free Personal Accident coverage, more Filipinos will be inspired and encouraged to get started with their financial wellness journeys,” Wong added.

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