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ARTBOX AVENUE poised to offer unparalleled lifestyle experience for all to enjoy



Get ready to kick off 2024 with an exhilarating burst of excitement! Forget about those New Year’s resolutions and gear up for the spectacle of ARTBOX AVENUE, Singapore’s largest indoor all-day night festival. As visitors step into the Singapore Expo Hall 2, they will be treated to a vibrant and bustling city, with each corner filled with different zones and experiential activities to guarantee a memorable time.

With tickets starting at $6 per person and featuring more than 300 retail and F&B vendors, the excitement unfolds over two consecutive weekends from January 26th to 28th and February 2nd to 4th, this year’s instalment is set to dazzle visitors from all ages and around the world.

ARTBOX AVENUE is not just an event; it’s an immersive celebration of global culture, a feast for the senses, and an experience that will leave a lasting imprint on every visitor. It boasts a tantalising array of international delicacies and not only that, transforms into a global shopping experience featuring artisanal boutiques and retailers from across borders. Moreover, captivating performances by both local and international artists will set the stage for an immersive celebration of global culture at ARTBOX AVENUE. This showcases ARTBOX’s pioneering role in shaping a unique lifestyle and cultural experience within Singapore’s festivals and events industry.

Expressing his excitement about ARTBOX AVENUE, Kent Teo, Founder and CEO of Invade shared “We envisioned this year’s instalment to be an immersive journey into the heart of global culture, where vibrant experiences and limitless creativity converge. Our commitment to providing a platform for businesses and artists to shine is unwavering. ARTBOX AVENUE 2024 will feature a diverse range of vendors that reflect the global celebration of culture, diversity, and the universal language of the arts.”

Attracting over 60,000 visitors last year, ARTBOX is now geared up to elevate and make it even more memorable for all. Partnering up once again with SGAG as the co-organiser, the event ensures an integration of vibrant creativity and engaging experiences. With an emphasis on curated experiences in the realms of F&B, retail, and performing arts, this year’s instalment promises an unforgettable journey for all visitors.

ARTBOX AVENUE 2024 photo 2 Large.jpeg

HEPMIL Media Group Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Adrian Ang (@sgagxiaoming) takes on the Beam of Pain in ARTBOX 2023

At the SGAG stage, stand a chance to win $888 in cash as visitors will be treated to a riot of fun and pain with the all-new electrifying Hopscotch of Pain challenge. Participants have to hop on one leg and cross a beam covered in acupuncture mats, channelling the classic hopscotch game but with a hilarious, painful twist.

But that’s not all – brace for the adrenaline rush with two fresh competitions: the National Piak Cockroach Championship in week 1 and the National Water Bottle Tornado Championship in week 2, where the best contenders will pocket $888 in cash prizes in each thrilling event.

In anticipation of the opening of ARTBOX AVENUE, Adrian Ang, HEPMIL Media Group Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer said “We are thrilled to be back again for ARTBOX AVENUE, adding a whacky and humorous twist to the event we all know and love today. Visitors can expect much more challenging competitions at our SGAG stage and walk away with cold hard cash!”

Transforming Spaces Through Art

Renowned graffiti artist and Illustrator hailing from Malaysia, Cloakwork (@cloakwork on Instagram) will be stepping into the spotlight at ARTBOX AVENUE. With his distinctive style that seamlessly blends street art with storytelling, Cloakwork is set to transform a dedicated space into an immersive showcase of his vibrant and captivating artwork.

Another distinguished Malaysian artist, MonKiddo (@itsmonkiddo on Instagram), is poised to captivate visitors through the creation of captivating artwork at the Central Avenue of ARTBOX. From intricate detailing to vibrant compositions, MonKiddo’s contribution to ARTBOX AVENUE is set to be a focal point, inviting visitors to witness the intersection of imagination and artistic brilliance within the dynamic landscape of this year’s festival.

Retail Revelry: From Trendsetting Fashion to Artisanal Finds

ARTBOX AVENUE 2024 photo 3 Large.jpeg

Some participating brands from Thailand, from left to right:  Loma.Whale, Outerouter and rust brand (Photos courtesy of Instagram)

ARTBOX AVENUE will turn into a bustling marketplace and retail haven, where international and local artisans from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea will showcase their wares to offer a truly unique retail experience. From trendsetting fashion to traditional crafts, the festival will be a treasure trove of eclectic finds.

In addition to satisfying your international retail cravings, ARTBOX AVENUE proudly showcases a diverse array of homegrown talents, including beloved brands like Talking Toes (@talkingtoesofficial on Instagram), renowned for their iconic funky socks, and Maverick Made (@maverick_made on Instagram), offering an exquisite selection of handcrafted leather goods. These local gems add a touch of homegrown flair to the eclectic shopping experience that awaits.

International Flavours Take Center Stage

ARTBOX AVENUE 2024 photo 4 Large.jpeg

Some participating brands from Singapore, from left to right: The Swag Social, The FAB FIVE and K Ō B A S H Ī (Photos courtesy of Instagram)

Indulge your taste buds as popular F&B vendors from around the region come to create a global feast for ARTBOX AVENUE. Whether you enjoy the savoury aromas of Thai cuisine, an eclectic mix of South Korean street food or local delights with a fusion of traditional and contemporary flavours, there is surely something for everyone.

For visitors with a sweet tooth and who like to get their hands ‘dirty’, the renowned chocolatier Janice Wong will be hosting an indulgent painting workshop, where you can transform sweet canvases into edible masterpieces. During this immersive experience, participants will have the chance to delve into the artistry of chocolate-making under the expert guidance of Janice Wong’s team, discovering the secrets behind their signature confections.

Harmony Across Borders: International Performing Arts and Entertainment Showcase

ARTBOX AVENUE 2024 photo 5 Large.jpeg

From left to right: Jocelyn Ng, Singaporean Violinist, Spruce Teo, Singaporean Saxophonist and The Parkinson, a pop band hailing Thailand (Photos courtesy of Instagram)

Be captivated, moved and entertained by the enchanting performances from local talents such as the mesmerising Jocelyn Ng, a virtuoso violinist, and the soulful Spruce Teo, a talented saxophonist.

Thailand’s own musical maestros, The Parkinson, will also mark its presence as they take the stage on the first Saturday of ARTBOX AVENUE, proudly presented by ARTBOX’s Official Lager Beer, Chang Beer.

Visitors are also in for a treat with other onstage live performances by our local music bands Reverie, The Passerby, The Mad Trio and many more! On top of bringing delightful music to the enthused crowd, Chang Beer will also be giving out merchandise and free beer to kick off a perfect year with ARTBOX.

The fun does not stop there – whether you’re a karaoke enthusiast or a first-time crooner, sing your hearts out to your favourite tunes at Teo Heng’s Karaoke-in-a-Container where visitors get a chance to unleash their inner rockstar. This is an excellent opportunity to embrace the spotlight and make memories that resonate long after the music fades.

Not only that, visitors are invited to indulge in a unique chess experience by Aliwal Chess Club, where they can try their hands at creative chess activities that blend intellect with imagination. Beyond the game, explore and take home exclusive merchandise that reflects the artistry of chess. Engage in a hands-on session where you can build your own customised tote bags and as an exciting bonus, participants have the chance to enter the Snap & Win contest, with the grand prize being a custom-made chess table valued at over $800.

Level Up Your Experience with Classic and Virtual Games

Step into the ultimate Gamestop Arena at Open Plaza – home to ARTBOX’s Switch and VR Games. The space invites visitors to play while sinking into comfy seats and immersing themselves into the gaming world– the perfect blend of comfort and playfulness.

In addition, The Arcade People (TAP) takes over the Arcade Alley at ARTBOX AVENUE where visitors get to immerse in a world of classic and modern arcade games that will keep the fun going all day and night. But that’s not all – TAP is bringing the heat with daily challenges throughout the two weekends of ARTBOX that allow daily top scorers to walk away with prizes.

Ticket Prices (inclusive of booking fee):

Pre-Event (from now until 25 January 2024)

General single-admission tickets are from $6 on weekdays and $7 on weekends per person

Event (26 January to 4 February 2024)

General single-admission tickets are from $7 on weekdays and $8 on weekends per person

Early Risers 4-pax Bundle (For entries on Fridays, 12 PM slots) are available at $16 (U.P. $23)

For more information, please visit

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Singapore Cable Car launches world’s first Skyorb Cabins

Exclusively designed for the Singapore Cable Car, the SkyOrb Cabin is the world’s first chrome-finished spherical cable car cabin. Unlike conventional cabins, the spherical design of the SkyOrb Cabins breaks the boundaries of traditional cable car aesthetics, offering a futuristic and captivating look.



Mount Faber Leisure Group officially launched the new futuristic SkyOrb Cabins on the Singapore Cable Car – Mount Faber Line. The launch of the SkyOrb Cabins took place at Mount Faber Peak, as part of the Singapore Cable Car’s 50th anniversary celebrations. The event was attended by Bob Tan, Chairman of Sentosa Development Corporation and Thien Kwee Eng, Chief Executive Officer of Sentosa Development Corporation, as well as Michael Syn, Chairman of Mount Faber Leisure Group and Buhdy Bok, Managing Director of Mount Faber Leisure Group.

SkyOrb Cabins – A cabin like no other in the world

Exclusively designed for the Singapore Cable Car, the SkyOrb Cabin is the world’s first chrome-finished spherical cable car cabin. Unlike conventional cabins, the spherical design of the SkyOrb Cabins breaks the boundaries of traditional cable car aesthetics, offering a futuristic and captivating look.

The SkyOrb cabin boasts a spectacular view through its glass-bottomed floor

Fitted with glass-bottomed floors to allow guests to view the scenery below their feet, the new cabins offer guests an elevated journey with a stunning panoramic view of the skyline. As night falls, a captivating ring of lights surrounds the cabin windows, casting an illuminating glow that imparts a distinctly futuristic ambience. 

The SkyOrb Cabins have been thoughtfully designed with double window louvres at the front and triple window louvres at the rear, providing enhanced air ventilation for guests on board. To offer an exclusive experience, only seven SkyOrb Cabins will join the existing fleet, enriching the vibrancy of the Sentosa skyline. 

SkyOrb Cabin on the Mount Faber Line

“Each SkyOrb cabin, a gleaming chrome orb soaring through the sky, embodies modern design. These cabins offer guests a one-of-a-kind experience, taking them on a discovery between Mount Faber Peak and Sentosa, unveiling breathtaking views along the way,” said Mr Buhdy Bok, Managing Director of Mount Faber Leisure Group.

Collaboratively designed between Mount Faber Leisure Group and renowned cable car cabin manufacturer CWA, the SkyOrb Cabins showcase product innovation and commitment to creating new unique experiences for guests. Based in Olten, Switzerland, CWA has enjoyed a long partnership with Mount Faber Leisure Group since the first generation of the Singapore Cable Car cabins was launched in 1974.

The SkyOrb Cabins will be open for guests to experience from 20 March 2024 and tickets will be available for sale at the Singapore Cable Car Mount Faber and Sentosa Station ticketing counters from the same day. Mount Faber Line and Cable Car Sky Pass ticket holders have the privilege of upgrading one-way of their round trip (between Mount Faber and Sentosa Cable Car Stations) to a SkyOrb Cabin experience. This upgrade costs $15 per person on weekdays, and $20 per person on weekends and Public Holidays.

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Japan ranks as top leisure travel destination for Filipino travellers: Visa study

According to the data, 24% of surveyed Filipino respondents have traveled overseas for leisure or business purposes in the past year. This trend aligns with a broader travel resurgence across Asia Pacific, with 37% of those surveyed reporting overseas travels within the same period.



Visa, a global player in digital payments, has published its most recent Green Shoots Radar study[1]. This quarterly report analyzes consumer sentiments across various sectors, such as financial services, commerce, and travel.

The study reveals a surge in travel frequency among Filipino travelers. According to the data, 24% of surveyed Filipino respondents have traveled overseas for leisure or business purposes in the past year. This trend aligns with a broader travel resurgence across Asia Pacific, with 37% of those surveyed reporting overseas travels within the same period.

Japan emerged as the top leisure destination for Filipino travelers, with 32% visiting in the past year. Singapore (22%) followed by Hong Kong (21%) and Thailand (18%) were the next most popular destinations. For business trips, Singapore led the list with 25%, followed by Japan (23%), and the United States tied with Hong Kong at 18%.

Filipino travelers prefer to book flight tickets directly from the provider’s website (44%). Among those respondents who booked their accommodations through Online Travel Agencies and paid the full amount upon booking, using credit cards is the most popular payment mode (41%), followed by mobile/e-wallets (28%).

Jeff Navarro, Country Manager for Visa Philippines, said, “As cross-border travel gains momentum in the Philippines and the region, we have a significant opportunity to maintain visibility throughout travelers’ journeys. This involves being present during destination searches and bookings, using Visa cards on travel apps for smoother transactions, and engaging consumers with authentic travel and shopping content to create a secure and seamless digital payments experience for everyone, everywhere.”

The future of travel remains promising, with 65% of Filipino respondents planning overseas leisure travel in the next 12 months. The top three leisure destinations intended in the next 12 months are Japan (38%), followed by South Korea (29%) and Singapore (16%). For business travel, Japan (19%), Canada (13%), and South Korea (12%) are the most likely destinations.

According to Visa’s Global Travel Intentions 2023 study[2], majority (89%) of Filipino travelers used credit (44%) and debit (39%) cards when travelling, for the benefits of cards’ wide acceptance (56%), accepted at ATMs (49%), and ability to be used both online and within apps (43%).

Visa’s most recent Consumer Payment Attitudes 2023 study[3] data also reflect cards as the preferred mode of payment when travelling, where 25% of surveyed Filipinos use credit or debit cards online and 21% use via swipe or insert when traveling overseas.

[1] The Green Shoots Radar survey was conducted online in 14 markets covering more than 8,000 respondents, including 500 consumers in the Philippines in January 2024, towards male and female respondents aged 18-65 with a minimum household income of PHP 12,000.

[2] The Global Travel Intentions Study is the largest and longest running global consumer insights program from Visa, which surveys travelers across continents on their travel journey and payment behavior. The study was conducted across April-June 2023 to more than 1,000 Filipino respondents.

[3] The Visa Consumer Payment Attitudes Study was conducted in Oct-Nov 2023 via online interviews with 1.000 Filipino consumers across the country with a demographic mix of ages (18-65), genders and income levels.

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Tips to prep your motorcycle for safe road trips

Here are key steps to ensure your motorcycle is in top condition and ready for a safe and enjoyable riding season.



With longer days and sunny weather, the open road beckons to two-wheel owners.  Preparing a motorcycle after it’s been in storage involves several key steps to ensure it’s ready for the road after the winter months. CTEK, the global player in vehicle charging solutions, provides recommendations for riders to prep their vehicles for peak performance and peace of mind on the open road.

“Life on two wheels epitomizes freedom and exhilaration, but unforeseen challenges can arise at any turn,” shared Bobbie DuMelle, President of CTEK North America. ‘With proper preparation, riders can bid farewell to battery woes and enjoy their ride.”

CTEK recommends some key steps to ensure your motorcycle is in top condition and ready for a safe and enjoyable riding season:

Vehicle Inspection

Give the entire motorcycle a thorough visual inspection, checking for any loose bolts, leaks, or damage. Pay attention to areas such as the frame, exhaust system, and bodywork. Do a thorough inspection of your motorcycle including fluids, tires, brakes, lights and electrics, chain and sprockets, fuel system, air filter and suspension.

Battery Test

Ensure the battery terminals are clean and free of corrosion. Charge the battery if it’s been sitting idle. CTEK recommends using the CTEK CS FREE, which features Adaptive Boost technology to ensure precise delivery of power and swiftly charge any 12V lead acid or lithium battery, resurrecting a dormant motorcycle battery within 15 minutes without the need for a power outlet. With intuitive LED indicators, the CS FREE keeps riders informed, signaling when their battery is primed for ignition. Moreover, it offers sustained maintenance charging, whether via conventional grid power, solar panels, or a 12V service battery, effectively extending battery lifespan by up to threefold during idle seasons.

Maintenance Tasks

If the motorcycle has been sitting for an extended period, drain and replace the fuel. Check fuel lines and filters for any signs of damage. Clean and lubricate the chain, and check for proper tension. Inspect sprockets for wear and replace if necessary. Inspect and clean or replace the air filter to ensure optimal engine performance. Check suspension components for any signs of wear or leaks. Inspect fork seals and adjust suspension settings as needed. Test the throttle, clutch, and brakes to ensure they are functioning smoothly. Lubricate cables if necessary.

Test Ride

After completing all maintenance tasks, take the motorcycle for a short test ride to ensure everything is functioning properly. When you’re on the road, take your CTEK CS FREE with you. With a built-in rechargeable battery fueled by rapid USB-C input, the CS FREE retains its charge for up to a year, rendering it a steadfast companion for on-the-go storage. Equipped with versatile USB-A and USB-C ports, it ensures seamless connectivity for charging smartphones, PCs, tablets, cameras, and an array of devices, ensuring uninterrupted adventures.

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