Tips to help travelers navigate hurricane season

With 2017’s second large hurricane approaching, many travelers are left wondering what to do about their disrupted travel plans. CheapOair, a flight-focused online travel agency, reminds travelers of things to consider when traveling to destinations prone to natural disasters.


Do Your Research
When planning any vacation, research if the destination is susceptible to natural disasters and when the high season is. In the event that the destination is high-risk and your travel is non-essential, consider selecting another destination or scheduling your visit for another time of year.

“As we move out of the peak summer period, travelers love to take advantage of the cheaper airfares and hotel rates,” said Tom Spagnola, SVP of supplier relations at CheapOair. “But, when planning travel during the autumn months, travelers need to be aware that top destinations such as FloridaMexico, and the Caribbean are prime targets for tropical storms and hurricanes.”

Consider Purchasing Travel Insurance
Travelers should highly consider purchasing a comprehensive travel protection plan. For many plans, they can be purchased as late as the day before travel, but keep in mind that when it comes to hurricanes, the plan must be purchased before the storm is named in order to provide coverage for expenses incurred from that storm. Depending on the plan and the circumstances, you may be eligible for reimbursement of incidental expenses in addition to your original travel costs.

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