Planning your Peruvian adventure

Peru is a popular travel destination that offers some incredible experiences. As one of the most incredible countries to visit in South America, people flock there each year to see Machu Picchu and discover the history of the Incas.

With so much to offer, you’ll want to make your visit to Peru a memorable one. Here are some things to consider when planning your Peruvian adventure to make sure you have the time of your life.

Spend quality time in Lima

With the Inca trail calling your name, it’s easy to forget about exploring Peru’s incredible capital, Lima. Like most South American capital cities, Lima offers plenty of colour and culture which makes it a fascinating place to explore. Check out some cool things to do in Lima to help get your Peruvian trip off to the best start.

Get the best experience with a tour

While many travellers like to follow their own path, in somewhere like Peru, you won’t want to miss a thing, which is why a tour can help you see all of the best bits in a safe and enjoyable way. Many people go on Peru treks today, and a pre-planned guide can offer excellent value for money to help you see everything you want to see. Be warned that tours are far from relaxing, and you need to be prepared to do a lot of walking on your travels.

Take care of the essentials

As with any type of travel, it’s important to get all of the essentials in place for your visit to Peru. Make sure your travel insurance is comprehensive, that you’re up to date on vaccinations, and that you’ve planned your budget well for your trip. You’re better off taking cash with you as many places won’t take credit cards, but make sure you keep your money secure and an emergency card to hand. When you’re planning a trek, pack carefully to make sure you have all of the things you need but aren’t weighed down with too much stuff.

Consider other destinations

If you’re heading all the way to South America, it would be a shame to miss out on the chance to explore other destinations. Bordering Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia, it’s easy to incorporate multi-destination travel into your Peruvian adventure. Flying between countries is easy and affordable, so you can country hop as you please to take in the many fascinating cultures found in this part of the world. You could even add some Central or North American destinations to your trip for a longer adventure filled with variety. Take a look at some South American travel guides to help you pick the best destinations for you.

Planning a trip to Peru will be an incredible experience you won’t forget. Thanks to technology, it’s even easier to make the most of your travels and enjoy the trip of a lifetime. From the Inca trail to partying Latino style in Lima, you’ll have a time to remember in Peru.

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