Making the most out of your travel escapades

Here are some quick reminders before you embark on your next grand adventure.

Traveling in the 21st century is now easier with advanced technology. Nowadays, no destination is too obscure. With everyone sharing travel photos, itineraries, and experiences in real time, the world is more accessible than ever. 

As an explorer in the smartphone era, you have to be aware of new considerations throughout your trip. With the desire to make each experience fun, enriching, and memorable, also comes the need to do your part in representing and preserving the wonders of each place you set foot in.

Here are some quick reminders from Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+ before you embark on your next grand adventure:

  1. It’s fine to take the road less traveled

Sticking to a set itinerary and visiting popular destinations are great ways to jumpstart your journey. But it also wouldn’t hurt to set your plans apart from the usual and make changes along the way. If you try asking locals on where to get a taste of La Union’s best bagnet or Tagaytay’s tastiest bulalo, you’ll be able to make more awesome experiences and stories! With navigation apps and the Internet at your disposal, you can easily check for directions and start traveling like a local.

  1. Capture more than what meets the eye

There is almost always an interesting narrative behind every breathtaking location. Beautiful photos come and go, but real-life stories are one of a kind. Bring out the history buff in you by interacting with some residents and talk about their daily lives, their culture, or some of the popular stories in their hometowns. Baler locals, for example, can tell you about how the movie Apocalypse Now, which filmed there, inspired their surfing culture. An Ilocano can share the mystery of the Paoay lake and other urban legends. These can add more depth and meaning to the gorgeous shots you take. (If they allow it, take portraits of the locals as well.)

  1. Think of a witty destination hashtag

One of the ultimate trends now among traveling millennials is using a designated hashtag for each place they visit. #SeoulSearching and #TaiwanItThatWay add oomph to social media posts, and help connect visitors. So why not go local? #WeveOnlyJustVigan, #BoholNewWorld, and #PalawanAndOnly are some of the catchy ones we’ve come across.

  1. Prepare your photo inspiration ahead

Even before you start your engines and begin fueling your wanderlust, make sure to have photography plans aligned with your travel itinerary. Possible templates for your IG stories, selfies, and scenery shots can be found online by simply browsing through Instagram or Pinterest. Having a handful of these with you as you travel let’s you be more instantly creative. 

  1. Pay it forward

Encourage your followers to embark on the same adventure. If you’ve found the best spot to watch the sunset in Batangas, or figured out the perfect time to go island hopping in Siargao, do share it with friends. Show them your photos so that they can ideas for their next trip.

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