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EchoStore: Making sustainable lifestyle happen

The call to help make sustainable living possible – that led “the power of three” – Reena S. Francisco, Jeannie E. Javelosa, and Pacita U. Juan to establish EchoStore, which intends to nurture and sustain good living.

By P.A. Castro

Everyone wants to change the world, (wants to) save the planet, say the women powering the first concept store of its kind in the Philippines, where “you can get everything you need to start you on your way to living a sustainable lifestyle.”  But that is always followed by queries on how one can start doing the saving.

The solution is in “being able to live to make others live,” which has much to do with sustainability.

It is this – the call to help make sustainable living possible – that led “the power of three” – Reena S. Francisco, Jeannie E. Javelosa, and Pacita U. Juan to establish EchoStore, which intends to nurture and sustain three causes: “The self, through a holistic lifestyle that integrates body-mind-spirit wellness; the community, through conscious consumerism, promoting fair trade and poverty alleviation programs; and the planet, through eco-friendly purchases.”


Close friends, the three women behind EchoStore actually just went out for dinner when they had what they now refer to as an “A-ha! moment” of wanting to do something substantial.  Thus the concept of EchoStore was born.

Francisco is the stakeholder relations officer of Figaro Foundation, which promotes organic coffee production.  Javelosa, presently the curator and a board of trustee of the Yuchengco Museum, director of EON: Stakeholder Relations Firm, and columnist for the Philippine Star, is a strategic communications expert.  And Juan, the co-chair of the Philippine Coffee Board and president of the League of Corporate Foundations, is the president of Figaro Coffee Company.


EchoStore boasts having “something for everyone,” from home décors; fashion accessories; health and wellness, and body, beauty and nutritional products; food and beverage; books; music; and more.

But EchoStore’s products are “environment friendly,” and actually helps “sustain marginalized, indigenous and creative communities,” thereby supporting “poverty alleviation programs” through the creation of fair labor practices; aside from being animal-friendly, and expresses Filipino design excellence.

This makes EchoStore “many things rolled in one.”

“As a marketing integrator, EchoStore represents products from small marginalized, cultural communities, creative industry practitioners, women groups, and foundations.  We work through, and network with, partner organizations and communities to represent products to help break the cycle of poverty through livelihood programs and fair trade practices.  Each product we carry represents our ideals of health and personal development, nurturing the environment, social justice and poverty alleviation. Each quality product highlights and supports the development of Filipino design excellence,” EchoStore says in prepared statement.

Among its partners include the Rags 2 Riches Foundation, the Association of Negros Producers, the Filipinas Fair Trade Ventures, Gifts and Graces Fair Trade Foundation, Philippine Business for Social Progress, the Correctional Institute for Women, Gawad Kalinga, and Alter Trade.


EchoStore is actually also a philosophy.  “As a thought leader and connector, EchoStore holds the shared vision of many like-minded people who advocate and work for a better world: one which is more equitable, cleaner, and collaborative, with healthier and environmentally-sound lifestyles. It is a holistic philosophy that has, at its core, the harmonious alignment of one’s relationship to self, the greater community, and the environment,” the company further states.

The push is, therefore, to serve “as a challenge to consumers (that) EchoStore is a lifestyle choice. You can purchase products that reflect the Filipinos’ world-class design excellence, ingenuity and creativity.  By purchasing EchoStore products, you become part of the emerging trend of the conscious and caring consumer group.”

Already, there are additional events slated by EchoStore, including lectures, mini-food festivals, and workshops, among others.  All making EchoStore “more than a store… it’s a hub, a center, a place to meet and discuss, define and articulate, lecture and share anything about (sustainable living).”

Visit EchoStore at the Ground Floor, Serendra Piazza, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City; call (+632) 9013495; or email, visit

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