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Bring your 2023 summer travel goals to life with these six PH vacation spots

So if you’re looking for destinations to add to your vacation bucket list, here are six spots around the Philippines to get you started.



The long, hot days of summer are finally here and if you’re one of the many who’s up for travel and adventure this season, there are many fascinating tourist and vacation spots around the country you can add to your bucket list.

A recent study by travel and experience platform Klook noted that 87% of Filipinos are raring to travel with many of their destinations of choice within the Philippines as booking for domestic destinations have exceeded pre-pandemic levels in 2022.

Domestic travel, according to the Department of Tourism, is expected to make a full recovery this year with the country’s hotel and resorts association reporting that occupancy has breached 2019 numbers and is largely driven by domestic tourism.

With 2023 being dubbed as the year of Revenge Travel, there’s no better time to plan your trip, pack your bags and head-off for an unforgettable adventure. But before you do, ensure your travels are hassle-free by getting Travel Master Insurance with COVID-19.

“It’s summer and we’re sure that many Filipinos are already picking out the destinations they want to travel to, especially since the Philippines has so many beautiful sites to see–from beautiful beaches to beautiful towns and cities–there’s something for every kind of traveler. Traveling should be fun, stress-free, and hassle-free, this is why we created Travel Master insurance–to provide our travelers the peace of mind and protection from any kind of eventuality so they can make the most out of their trips,” said Mario Berta, Igloo’s Country Manager for the Philippines.

Created in partnership with GCash and Malayan Insurance, Travel Master with COVID-19 provides travelers coverage including for personal accidents, flight delays, lost luggage, emergency medical treatment, hospital cash allowance, travel inconvenience benefits, and COVID-19 protection.

To get the Travel Master coverage, simply access the GInsure page available on your GCash app and select Travel and Travel Master with COVID-19. Fill in the form with your travel details and it will immediately provide you with coverage benefits and the premium contribution and you’re set to go.

Travel Master with COVID-19 is available whether you’re planning to travel locally or internationally–making it a flexible and much-needed travel companion anywhere you go.

So if you’re looking for destinations to add to your vacation bucket list, here are six spots around the Philippines to get you started:

Samal Island.jpeg

Samal Island Tourism Information Center, Facebook

Island Garden City of Samal

Davao del Norte

Located at the heart of the Davao Gulf, the Island Garden City of Samal is known as the largest resort island in the country– home to more than 30 resorts across a 118-kilometer stretch of coastline.

A mere 15-minute boat ride from Davao City, the resort island is a great stop for those who want to soak in the beautiful landscapes and seascapes of the Philippines. Go snorkeling and bask in the beauty of the 150-hectare Coral Garden and Marine Park that includes the Audanao Fish Sanctuary and the Giant Clam Sanctuary. On land, travelers can enjoy exploring the 11.5-hectare government-owned botanical garden and nature park where they can see diverse flora and fauna.

The resort island is also home to the largest colony of fruit bats in the world and they can be seen in their natural habitat at the Monfort Bat cave.

Alona Beach.png

Alona Beach Guide, Website

Alona Beach


The Philippines is home to amazing beaches (it has more than 7,000 islands after all) and if you’re on the hunt for a new beach haunt that has white sand beaches like Boracay, Alona Beach in Panglao, Bohol is a great spot to add to your travel bucket list.

The white sand beach stretches a good 1.5 kilometers and is in full view of the blue, blue waters of the sea of Bohol. Nature lovers and adventure seekers may also immerse themselves in the rich marine biodiversity of Balicasag Island–a few minutes boat ride from Panglao island. Here you can snorkel and view its 400-meter coral garden and marine sanctuary.

Meanwhile, those who want to get the most out of their vacation and explore more of Bohol can also visit the famous Chocolate Hills, the Mahogany Forest, or take a slow, leisurely ride and a beautiful lunch along the Loboc River with the Loboc River Cruise.

The Ruins Bacolod.png

Lacson Ruins, Facebook

The Ruins


Often called the “Taj Mahal of the Philippines,” The Ruins or the Lacson Ruins was the ancestral home of local sugar baron Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson built in the early 1900s in Talisay, Bacolod City. Inspired by Italian architecture, the Ruins was built in the memory of Don Mariano’s wife Maria, who died giving birth to their 8th child.

During the Second World War, the mansion was burned by Philippine guerillas to prevent it from being used by the Japanese. The mansion burned for three days straight but left behind its beautiful foundation. The Ruins has now become a popular tourist and event spot, especially for weddings because of its romantic history.

For those who want to experience more of the old-age architecture of the Philippines, they can–after visiting the Ruins–take a day trip to the neighboring city of Silay and visit its large collection of perfectly-preserved heritage houses including the Golez Heritage House and the Balay Negrense heritage house and museum.

Orlina Museum.png

Museo Orlina, Facebook

Museo Orlina

Tagaytay City

For those who want a more leisurely adventure in cooler climes, Museo Orlina in Tagaytay City, is the perfect place for you.

Located at Hollywood St. Hollywood Subdivision in Tagaytay City, the museum houses the many glass sculptures of famed Filipino visual artist Ramon Orlina. Spend an hour or two exploring the four-floor exhibit area including the Reflections Gallery where Mr. Orlina exhibits videos, images, and documents charting his art journey; and the Naesa Gallery which features an ever-changing exhibition featuring up-and-coming Filipino artists.

If you fancy viewing his work alongside nature, take a walk at the Sculpture Garden and Amphitheater, and cap off the visit with a spectacular view of Taal Lake at the roof deck.

Tam-Awan Village.png

Tam-awan Village, Website

Bell Church.png

Bell Church, Website

Tam-awan Village and Bell Church

As the Summer Capital of the Philippines, many vacationers travel to Baguio in search for respite from the hot weather. The cooler climate alongside the beautiful nature makes it a must-go destination for anyone regardless of their preference for adventure.

Those who’ve been to Baguio several times would undoubtedly know of its most famous landmarks including Wright Park, Burnham Park, Camp John Hay, and more. But for those who want to discover more of the city and its culture, there’s no better place to visit than the Tam-awan Village and the Bell Church.

Tam-awan Village located in Pinsao Proper, Baguio City is perfect for those interested in art and history. The village features indigenous craftsmanship and Ifugao architecture alongside art pieces made by local artists set within a sprawling and beautiful mountainside forest.

Bell Church, meanwhile, is a 63-year-old Taoist temple located in La Trinidad, Benguet. Here visitors can enjoy the beautiful architecture and the quaint lotus pond and even have their fortunes read by the monks of the temple.

Whether your summer plans are for adventure or relaxation, domestic or international, make your travels all fun and worry-free withTravel Master Insurance with COVID-19 available at the GCash’s GInsure marketplace.


Visa kicks off summer in Paris

Post Malone will headline the first-of-its-kind performance, also featuring a diverse group of superstars from around the globe. This unprecedented performance will take place on May 28, 2024 at 7:30 PM local time.



Visa, a global player in digital payments, will connect music, art and culture by taking over the Cour Carrée of the Louvre Museum for a unique show called “Visa Live at the Louvre.” Post Malone will headline the first-of-its-kind performance, also featuring a diverse group of superstars from around the globe. This unprecedented performance will take place on May 28, 2024 at 7:30 PM local time, and will be the first global IRL concert streamed exclusively on Roblox at 9PM local time/3PM EDT.

“Visa Live at le Louvre is an event of many firsts. It is Visa’s first major activation leading up to a memorable summer in Paris, which will also host the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It’s the first concert of its kind at the Cour Carée, and the first global in-person concert streamed exclusively on Roblox. Post Malone’s live performance at Musée du Louvre and virtually in Roblox provides fans with a unique experience of music, art and technology that is both innovative and entertaining,” said Frank Cooper, CMO, Visa.

As the curtain rises on an exhilarating summer in Paris, Visa is delighted to propel the realms of arts, music and culture forward, embracing inclusivity at every step.

HeadlinerPost Malone is a 9x RIAA diamond-certified and GRAMMY Award-nominated phenomenon who is widely acclaimed for his ability to blend different styles.

Starting in early May, residents of Metropolitan France will be able to enter an online lottery for tickets, and the rest of the world will be invited to join in via Roblox. Fans can get the latest information at

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On the road again? Choose the right tires for your ride

If you think it may be time to replace your tires, consider these five expert tips to simplify the process.



Lots of people want to drive, definitely. But not everyone is well-versed with the cars they drive – e.g. many drivers have difficulty selecting the best tire for their vehicle and driving needs. For many, tire selection starts at the size then jumps to what’s in stock or what’s on sale. However, there are many factors to consider when you need new tires for your car, truck or SUV. Buying tires is an investment, so it’s important to make the right decision.

You may be surprised to learn determining the best tire is as much about the driver as it is the vehicle. Choosing the right tire requires considering where you drive, how you drive and what you drive. You can explore these and other factors in the Treadwell tire-buying recommendation tool, which is based on a decade of data and real-world test results.

This tire recommendation tool combines millions of data points from tire safety checks and Discount Tire’s own test track where intensive tests are performed on tires from all major manufacturers, along with the driver’s location, vehicle and driving habits, to generate a selection of personalized tire recommendations from a variety of brands.

With more than 20,000 different models of tires available for the everyday driver, it’s no wonder tire-buying can be a mystifying process. However, tools like this can help drivers make the most informed choice while having access to the same information tire technicians use in-stores alongside their expertise. The result: empowering drivers with information and options tailored to their needs.

If you think it may be time to replace your tires, consider these five expert tips to simplify the process.

Driving Style

The type of driver you are, the kind of ride you want and how long you expect your tires to last are all factors in choosing the right tires. For example, thrill drivers might prefer tires with high levels of grip and responsiveness while those who stick to long road trips are better suited for long-lasting, smooth riding tires.

Weather Conditions

Your location and the weather you regularly encounter when you drive influence the type of tires you need. For example, drivers in the upper Midwest require tires that perform well in extreme cold and winter weather while those in humid climates like the Southeast need tires that perform well in wet conditions.


Purchasing tires is an investment. Drivers should look at the cost of their tires over time, rather than the cost up front. In the long run, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a higher quality tire based on multiple factors like increased safety, improved handling and ride quality, as well as cost per mile.

Vehicle Specifications

Tire specifications can vary depending on the type of car you own. For electric vehicles and vehicles carrying heavy loads, it’s critical to know how much weight your tires can safely support. Only install tires that meet or exceed the load requirements for your ride.

Wear and Age

Two of the most important considerations when replacing tires are tread depth and tire age.

Your tires’ tread depth directly impacts your vehicle’s ability to stop. Tires are reaching the end of their life at 4/32 inches of tread. However, your tires may be underperforming even if more tread remains, particularly in rain or extreme weather conditions.

When it comes to replacing your tires, you should also consider their age. Because the materials used break down over time, experts recommend replacing tires that are six years or more past the date of manufacture.

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Singapore Cable Car launches world’s first Skyorb Cabins

Exclusively designed for the Singapore Cable Car, the SkyOrb Cabin is the world’s first chrome-finished spherical cable car cabin. Unlike conventional cabins, the spherical design of the SkyOrb Cabins breaks the boundaries of traditional cable car aesthetics, offering a futuristic and captivating look.



Mount Faber Leisure Group officially launched the new futuristic SkyOrb Cabins on the Singapore Cable Car – Mount Faber Line. The launch of the SkyOrb Cabins took place at Mount Faber Peak, as part of the Singapore Cable Car’s 50th anniversary celebrations. The event was attended by Bob Tan, Chairman of Sentosa Development Corporation and Thien Kwee Eng, Chief Executive Officer of Sentosa Development Corporation, as well as Michael Syn, Chairman of Mount Faber Leisure Group and Buhdy Bok, Managing Director of Mount Faber Leisure Group.

SkyOrb Cabins – A cabin like no other in the world

Exclusively designed for the Singapore Cable Car, the SkyOrb Cabin is the world’s first chrome-finished spherical cable car cabin. Unlike conventional cabins, the spherical design of the SkyOrb Cabins breaks the boundaries of traditional cable car aesthetics, offering a futuristic and captivating look.

The SkyOrb cabin boasts a spectacular view through its glass-bottomed floor

Fitted with glass-bottomed floors to allow guests to view the scenery below their feet, the new cabins offer guests an elevated journey with a stunning panoramic view of the skyline. As night falls, a captivating ring of lights surrounds the cabin windows, casting an illuminating glow that imparts a distinctly futuristic ambience. 

The SkyOrb Cabins have been thoughtfully designed with double window louvres at the front and triple window louvres at the rear, providing enhanced air ventilation for guests on board. To offer an exclusive experience, only seven SkyOrb Cabins will join the existing fleet, enriching the vibrancy of the Sentosa skyline. 

SkyOrb Cabin on the Mount Faber Line

“Each SkyOrb cabin, a gleaming chrome orb soaring through the sky, embodies modern design. These cabins offer guests a one-of-a-kind experience, taking them on a discovery between Mount Faber Peak and Sentosa, unveiling breathtaking views along the way,” said Mr Buhdy Bok, Managing Director of Mount Faber Leisure Group.

Collaboratively designed between Mount Faber Leisure Group and renowned cable car cabin manufacturer CWA, the SkyOrb Cabins showcase product innovation and commitment to creating new unique experiences for guests. Based in Olten, Switzerland, CWA has enjoyed a long partnership with Mount Faber Leisure Group since the first generation of the Singapore Cable Car cabins was launched in 1974.

The SkyOrb Cabins will be open for guests to experience from 20 March 2024 and tickets will be available for sale at the Singapore Cable Car Mount Faber and Sentosa Station ticketing counters from the same day. Mount Faber Line and Cable Car Sky Pass ticket holders have the privilege of upgrading one-way of their round trip (between Mount Faber and Sentosa Cable Car Stations) to a SkyOrb Cabin experience. This upgrade costs $15 per person on weekdays, and $20 per person on weekends and Public Holidays.

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