What to pack for a road trip adventure!

We are all familiar with essential items to pack for a beach holiday, or a long weekend in the country, but what on earth to you pack if you’ve planned an American road trip adventure? You will be visiting different terrains, traveling long distances and staying in various hotels or campsites. One day you may be trekking into mountains and canyons and the next visiting a city and taking in a show. The trip will be incredibly exciting and full of adventure, the last thing you need to be fretting about is what you will wear and when and more to the point, which bag is your outfit choice of the day packed in.

If you live in America and you are planning on a road trip you will have the advantage of being able to travel in your own vehicle or hire vehicle, this will give you time to carefully pack your car to maximize space.

If you are traveling from another country and picking up a hire car from the airport a lot more planning will be needed.


Before you even consider packing you need to make sure that you don’t forget essential items. These include driving licenses for everyone intending to drive, passports, insurance documents, maps, accommodation details, money, credit card, phone, charger, itinerary and first aid items.


This is where it gets a little tricky. Space could be an issue if you’re traveling with friends or as a family so you won’t be able to take a large suitcase each. Rucksacks are a more space-saving option, as you can squash them in order to maximize car space. You will be planning many stopovers at hotels on your trip, such as the Indianapolis Marriott North. It could be convenient to have an extra bag with toiletries, sleep attire and one outfit to take into the hotel. Outfits can be replenished from your main bag when required.

As you will be spending a long time in the car, pack a small backpack with items you will need to keep to hand, such as books, snacks, headphones, camera etc. This can double up as a backpack for sightseeing and hiking.


You will have an idea of where you will be visiting, so pack outfits that are versatile ie they can be worn casually or dressed up for evenings out. Choose clothing that is loose, breathable and comfortable and avoid materials that crease easily. Most hotels have ironing facilities if needed. Avoid light colors that will get dirty easily and try not to over pack. Take advantage of any laundry facilities at hotels during stopovers.

Don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes, blisters and sore feet could spoil your trip. As weather is changeable wherever in the world you travel, ensure you pack waterproof outdoor clothing.


To make your trip more comfortable ensure you pack lots of snacks and drinks. If you are traveling with children (young or old) baby wipes are a must, as well as some in car entertainment such as games. Sunglasses will make the journey comfortable and don’t forget music, ask everyone to create a disc of their favorite songs.

Have fun!

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