IBM Philippines runs to promote World Community Grid Smash Childhood Cancer project

IBM Philippines joined a fun run to promote the World Community Grid – Smash Childhood Cancer Project to approximately 5,000 running enthusiasts from across Metro Manila. Organized as part of IBM Philippines’ celebration of its 80 Years of Progress in the Philippines, Luis Pineda, President and Country General Manager of IBM Philippines encouraged the runners prior to the start of the run to volunteer their idle computing power to help international researchers find treatments to some of the world’s most common childhood cancers.

“World Community Grid’s aim is to donate technology and talent to address some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues, for IBM to fulfill our enduring purpose – to be essential, not only to our clients but to the world.”, Luis Pineda shared with the participants.

World Community Grid is an IBM philanthropic initiative which allows anyone with a computer or Android device to contribute to scientific discovery. Launched in 2004, World Community Grid creates a virtual supercomputer by leveraging unused computing power contributed by volunteers around the world to accelerate health and sustainability research. Volunteers participate in World Community Grid by downloading and installing a free software program.

With the software, a volunteer’s device performs calculations and virtual experiments on behalf of researchers, making use of its compute power while it would be otherwise idle. The results are then transmitted back to researchers, where they are analyzed and used to accelerate research into pressing global challenges such as childhood cancer, Zika, HIV/AIDS, solar energy and clean water access.

World Community Grid has recently migrated to IBM Cloud as it continues to grow and further its mission to support cutting-edge research into important global humanitarian issues. It has adopted IBM Cloud for 100 percent of its infrastructure, including the infrastructure that prepares the researchers’ data sets, distributes tasks to volunteer devices, validates and aggregates the results and returns the data to the researchers. This system manages the workflow of the approximately 2.5 million virtual experiments performed by World Community Grid volunteers every day from more than 3.4 million devices.

“World Community Grid makes it possible for computationally intensive research projects that would have taken years to be completed in weeks or months, and faster results means benefits are delivered sooner to patients and communities around the world,” said Jennifer Ryan Crozier, IBM Vice President of Corporate Citizenship and President of the IBM International Foundation. “By moving to IBM Cloud, World Community Grid is poised for years of growth and will leverage automation tools to make our development and deployment processes more efficient.”

Since its founding, World Community Grid has supported 27 research projects in critical areas including cancer, HIV/AIDS, Zika and Ebola viruses, genetic mapping, sustainable energy, clean water and ecosystem preservation. To date, World Community Grid has connected researchers to one half billion U.S. dollars’ worth of free supercomputing power. More than 730,000 individuals and 440 institutions from 80 countries have donated more than one million years of computing time on more than three million desktops, laptops and Android mobile devices since 2004. Volunteer participation has helped researchers to identify potential treatments for childhood cancer, more efficient solar cells and more efficient water filtration.

To learn more about World Community Grid and volunteer to contribute your unused computing power, please visit:

To learn more about IBM Cloud, please visit:

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