Electrolux launches robotic vacuum cleaner

Electrolux introduced a robotic vacuum cleaner with a revolutionary design and game-changing technology that takes the quality of autonomous cleaning to a new level. The product will be launched in Europe and Asia this year under the Electrolux and AEG brands.

“We are extremely proud of this product, which we believe will finally make robotic vacuum cleaners a relevant category for all consumers. This is no longer a gadget for early adopters but a high-performing vacuum cleaner that effortlessly cleans your home while you are away,” said Ola Nilsson, head of Electrolux business area Home Care and Small Domestic Appliances. “Robotic vacuum cleaners should have tremendous market potential, but are still a small portion of vacuums sold. We intend to change that.”

The robotic vacuum cleaner can be controlled through a mobile app, allowing consumers to easily set cleaning times and cycles and find information on the cleaning status. Through Electrolux innovative 3D VisionTM technology, it accurately scans and maps the room to steer clear of obstacles. It detects and analyzes obstacles in three dimensions – on the floor, above the floor and along edges – and decides the best cleaning path to avoid getting stuck.

Powerful suction, triangular design and an external brush work together to help the vacuum cleaner reach corners and small areas. Test results show it has outstanding cleaning performance.

“Strategically, this is a key launch for the company that is in line with our strategy to drive profitable growth by creating best-in-class consumer experiences. It’s the first step in creating a truly responsive ecosystem of products for wellbeing in the home,” said Nilsson.

The Electrolux robotic vacuum cleaner is set to launch in the Philippines next year.

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