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Absolute worst gifts to give this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday where couples reenter the honeymoon stage of their relationship by spending the whole day showering each other in love and gifts.



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The most romantic day of the year is coming up next month, so, part of the Dating Group and the company behind numerous online dating sites, released tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day from home this year as well as the absolute worst gifts to get your valentine. 

Just like recent holidays that passed, Valentine’s Day is going to look a little different this year. A majority of couples will be spending the day at home rather than in a public place such as the movies or a favorite restaurant, but that doesn’t mean the holiday day will not be special. has shared below some fun and romantic at home date ideas to celebrate with your love.

  • Spa and Massage: Who doesn’t love to be pampered? This year, it is a fun idea to set up an at home spa and massage. Couples can take turns giving each other romantic massages and spa treatments of their choice. Pick out your favorite face mask and beverage and have a relaxing and romantic evening.  
  • Home-made Movie Theater: Going to the movies or a live show is always a popular event for Valentine’s Day. This year, couples can make their own movie theater right in their living room! Pick out a new movie that you and your partner have been wanting to see, grab your favorite candy, snacks and drinks and press play. The best part of this at home date is that you don’t have to get dressed up, sweatpants and your favorite oversized sweater is the perfect attire.
  • Take-out Dinner: Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with your partner. Instead of cooking a time-consuming dinner and having to clean it all up, pick a couple of your favorite restaurants and order a smorgasbord of food to go! To make it more fun, don’t tell your partner what you got and surprise each other with delicious food.

“Valentine’s Day is a holiday where couples reenter the honeymoon stage of their relationship by spending the whole day showering each other in love and gifts,” says Maria Sullivan, Dating Expert and Vice President of “However, because this year everyone will be celebrating a little different, we wanted to make sure that we shared some fun date ideas that couples can do from the comfort and safety of their homes. Additionally, with most activities off the table, fun gifts are more important than ever, so it is crucial to put a lot of thought into what you are getting your partner to show them how much you care for them. It is also important to remember that no matter where you are celebrating the holiday, the best part is who you are spending it with.”

Last Valentine’s Day, reported the worst gifts their users were ever given which included a used candle and a card themed for the wrong holiday. With an entire year gone by, resurveyed its users to discover 78% have received gifts that they didn’t really enjoy. Surprising presents include:

  1. Wilted Flowers
  2. A picture frame with no picture in it
  3. A pet hamster
  4. A bag of unopen assorted Halloween candy
  5. Valentine’s Day themed socks
  6. An online workout subscription
  7. An Ashtray
  8. A used gift card
  9. An open bottle of wine / liquor
  10. An old VHS movie

Although the previously mentioned gifts aren’t the best, there are some gifts that one should avoid entirely when thinking about what to get their significant other this Valentine’s Day. Those gifts are as following:

  • Engagement Style Ring: The only time you should get your partner a ring that looks like an engagement ring is when you are proposing. An engagement ring is a really special piece of jewelry that represents love and commitment. It should only be given when you are ready to take that next step with your significant other.
  • Perfume/Cologne that Your Ex Used to Wear: Scent is a very personal thing. Everyone has they own identifying smell. If you are thinking about getting your partner a perfume or cologne for Valentine’s Day, make sure to pick out one that you really think will suit them. Picking a scent that your ex used to wear is something to avoid when shopping.
  • A Pet: Even though they are very cute, pets are a huge 10-20-year commitment. When choosing a gift for your partner, you want to make it something that they can enjoy but don’t need to tend to everyday. However, if you are thinking about getting your partner a pet, make sure it isn’t a surprise and they are onboard with the idea.

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Allianz PNB Life launches Allianz Shield to protect Filipinos from unexpected

To answer today’s growing need for better safeguards, Allianz PNB Life, one of the major life insurers in the Philippines championing sustainability, has launched Allianz Shield.



The COVID-19 pandemic has been the most challenging and life-changing event for today’s generation. Some have lost their jobs, while others have lost their lives. Needless to say, this health crisis has underscored the need for people’s safety and protection from the unexpected.

To answer today’s growing need for better safeguards, Allianz PNB Life, one of the major life insurers in the Philippines championing sustainability, has launched Allianz Shield, a regular pay, unit-linked insurance plan that protects policyholders against unexpected situations, such as the diagnosis of a critical illness or accidental death and dismemberment. It covers at least 10 times the annual premiums depending on the insured’s age upon application, for as low as PHP 15,000 annually.

“The previous year showed that many Filipinos are vulnerable to health and financial crises. Not everyone has a backup plan in times of need. And unfortunately, many have been challenged economically because of the domino effect of COVID-19,” said Allianz PNB Life Chief Marketing Officer Gino Riola. “With Allianz Shield, we want to make sure the unexpected expenses are taken care of as well.” 

According to Rio, Allianz Shield can help people build a well-rounded protection plan that gives them PHP 1 million coverage upon death, PHP 1 million coverage upon diagnosis of a critical illness and another PHP 1 million coverage for accidental death and dismemberment. “This plan comes with an additional rider coverage that waives succeeding premiums until age 65 of the insured upon diagnosis of a critical illness or upon contracting total and permanent disability. It gives our clients the option to withdraw their investment funds, which are free of charge for up to four times in one year,” he said.

Allianz Shield also comes with a Loyalty Bonus, giving funds a boost every five years, as long as the policy remains in force and your premiums are paid regularly. 

Additionally, Allianz Shield also offers a complimentary Life Event Benefit Rider, which credits back to the policyholder a part of the insurance charges you have paid, in the event of marriage, birth of a child, demise of a family member, involuntary loss of employment, divorce, or separation.

Interested applicants can contact a Life Changer, message the Allianz PNB Life Facebook page (, or visit the Allianz PNB Website at

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AstraZeneca’s Dapagliflozin now approved to treat adult patients with heart failure in Phl

Dapagliflozin, a medicine developed by British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, is now approved in the Philippines for the treatment of adult patients suffering from heart failure.



Dapagliflozin, a medicine developed by British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, is now approved in the Philippines for the treatment of adult patients suffering from heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) to reduce the need for hospitalization and risk of mortality.

With the approval, Dapagliflozin is the first and only drug under the sodium glucose transport protein 2 inhibitor (SGLT2i) class approved to treat heart failure in adult patients with reduced ejection fraction. It is the only SGLT2i proven to significantly prevent cardiovascular death and death due to other causes in these heart failure patients.

In a virtual discussion hosted by AstraZeneca Philippines, experts from the Philippines and around the world talked about the latest medical development and treatment for heart failure.

According to Dr. Erlyn Demerre, chair of Heart Failure Program at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City, heart failure is dominating the cardiovascular landscape not just in the Philippines but globally. It is considered a global pandemic affecting a lot of people worldwide and it is increasing in prevalence.

Global data show that the overall known prevalence rate of heart failure is three to 20 patients per 1,000 population although this exceeds a 100 per 1,000 in those age 65 years and over. The annual incidence of heart failure is one to five per 1,000 and the relative incidence doubles for each decade of life after the age of 45, and that in one in three die within a year and one out of four are re-admitted in a hospital in 30 days with much morbidity and poor quality of life.

“It is still an ongoing pandemic. Much work has been put into the study of heart failure and we are definitely on a better position in the diagnosis and management of heart failure now. But, ironically, despite medical management and significant advance in therapies and prevention, heart failure is still a major and increasing burden all over the world with high mortality and morbidity and poor quality of life,” said Demerre.  

Lotis Ramin, country president at AstraZeneca Philippines, relayed that nine out of 10 patients are symptomatic even with current heart failure standard of care (SoC), and nearly one-third or one out of three patients suffering from heart failure with reduced ejection fraction are at risk of hospitalization which increases the risk of mortality.

Professor David Sim, president of the Heart Failure Society in Singapore, noted that nine million people in Southeast Asia have heart failure with an overall 15% mortality rate. However, pharmacological options for heart failure have increased over the last decade and guideline-directed heart failure pharmacotherapy cumulatively reduced mortality by 76%. 

Sim emphasized that “the approval of Dapagliflozin for the treatment of HFrEF in the Philippines is a major step forward in the battle against the disease burden of heart failure. Together with the current standard of care, Dapagliflozin will contribute further to a lower mortality, less hear failure hospitalization and importantly a better quality of life for patients suffering from heart failure.”

In his presentation on Dapagliflozin and Prevention of Adverse-outcomes in Heart Failure Trial (DAPA HF) Trial: A New Era in Heart Failure Management, Professor Piotor Ponikowski of the Heart Failure Association of the European Society of Cardiology cited that “heart failure is becoming a preventable and treatable diseases, with medication that allows patients to live longer and live better outside of hospital.”

It is the first outcomes trial with an SGLT2 inhibitor investigating the treatment of HFrEF. The results showed a reduction of 26% in the occurrence of cardiovascular death, hospitalization for heart failure (hHF) and Urgent Hospital Visit for heart failure along with a 30% reduction in hHF. Dapagliflozin’s significant 18% reduction in cardiovascular death and 17% reduction on death due to other causes which were only seen in the DAPA HF study.

“Dapagliflozin has the ability to reduce mortality, prevent hospital admission, improve clinical status, functional capacity, and quality of life,” said Ponikowski.

With the confirmation of Dapagliflozin as a medication to treat adult persons suffering from heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, Ramin said “we hope this development and Dapagliflozin life-saving efficacy can transform the heart failure standard of care.”

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SKG launches new F5 massage gun with hot compress

The F5 percussion massager, specifically designed for female, is the latest addition to SKG’s growing portfolio of massage devices designed for customers of various lifestyles and activity levels.



SKG, a high-tech company specialized in developing massage devices, launched its new massage gun, the F5 portable, lightweight massage device with embedded heating function. The F5 percussion massager, specifically designed for female, is the latest addition to SKG’s growing portfolio of massage devices designed for customers of various lifestyles and activity levels. This massage tool helps to target problem areas that are hard to reach and to aid the improvement of muscle inflammation and tension with deep muscle release. 

Massage is undoubtedly beneficial for people with varying activity levels due to the technology-driven lifestyle. On top of that, a range of present factors mean that effective muscle relaxation has never been more important: the financial and emotional tolls of the pandemic are severe, and hastily designed home offices lacking ergonomic rigor are the norm. Thus, offering a relaxing at-home massage to one’s significant other with the F5 massage gun will undoubtedly be an ideal Valentine’s Day gift idea for girlfriend or wife in lockdown.

“We designed the F5 to be beautiful looking and effective, but we really think its lightweight is the major differentiation,” said Jack Liu, CEO of SKG. “It’s small enough to fit in a purse and to be used whenever and wherever it’s needed.”

Highlights of the F5 include:

  • Look: The F5 is beautifully designed with a stylish pistol-shape, satin finish and gradient light. 
  • Portability: While massage guns are great after a sweat session, they shouldn’t be a workout to carry. The F5 weighs only 0.66 lbs – less than half the weight of the Theragun Mini – and can be carried anywhere. The handle of the product is designed to give customers an easy to hold grip.
  • First ever built in heat compress: In addition to the percussion therapy offered via the massage gun the F5 contains a heating mechanism embedded in the bottom of the gun’s handle to help loosen muscles. It has three levels of temperature 40, 48 and 53 degrees Celsius, and marks a first time ever that this feature is embedded in a device of this nature.
  • Noise and performance: Its 5V brushless motor and high-quality bearing allow for an almost silent massage, with three frequency levels of up to 3200 rpm and noise level lower than 45dB.

“While all our products go through rigorous testing and iterations, the F5 is perfectly aligned with both modern life’s hectic pace and the unique challenges COVID has brought. We created it to help our customers better cope with the challenges and improve their healthier lifestyles,” said Liu.

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