Ziplining through a forest 300ft in the air in L.A.

Summertime in Los Angeles is about getting outside, going on adventures, and enjoying the warmth of nature. And there’s no better way to ratchet up a summer experience than by ziplining through a forest canopy.

Showcasing the breathtaking beauty of the San Gabriel Mountains, just 75 miles northeast of Los Angeles and near the popular Mountain High winter resort, the Ziplines at Pacific Crest features two high-adventure zipline courses with multiple zips.

The tours are entirely tree-based and use innovative design and installations to minimize environmental impact while maximizing safety. The tour courses feature a series of platforms connected by sky bridges, stairs, trails, rappels, and ziplines ranging from 200 to 1,500 feet in length, including one that sends guests soaring 300 feet above the canyon floor.

Whether you’re doing a story on unique summer adventures, ultimate bucket-list items, nature or outdoor activities, family-friendly thrills, or exciting things to do in Southern California (beyond the typical theme park!), a piece on Ziplines at Pacific Crest would be compelling to a wide range of audiences.

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