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SPA Ingredients was established in April 2007, eyeing to offer natural and organic products to spas and other wellness facilities, as well as to the general public.

SPA Ingredients

Back to basics“We are advocates of organic and all natural skin care products because we believe that nothing beats nature when it comes to taking care of your skin,” said Issa Sarza of SPA Ingredients. As such, “we are steadfast in using only the best ingredients that Mother Earth can offer, and we are committed in giving each of our clients the best personalized service that will be well suited for their needs.”

It helps, of course, that all “our products are proudly Filipino-made, and we highly support our local produce such as Virgin Coconut Oil and Gugo.”

SPA Ingredients advocates the use of organic and natural skin care products after noticing that many spas out there are using products that contain synthetic ingredients that are unhealthy for the body.

A good example of a harmful ingredient is mineral oil, which is actually a byproduct of petroleum. Since it is not natural, mineral oil is not absorbed by the skin and can cause allergies. This could explain the greasy feeling after a massage using mineral oil.

“There are spas that use massage oils that has mineral oil as base either because they do not know that it is harmful, or they do not know any alternatives,” Sarza said. “We saw this as an opportunity to educate spa owners about the benefits of using natural products, the importance of which is to provide a real wellness experience to their customers. We want them to know that there is an alternative to popular commercially available products.”

Admittedly, being all-natural and organic, SPA Ingredients’ products are slightly more expensive than commercial products, which is somewhat of a challenge, since “it is quite a challenge to make potential clients realize that what we are offering is a worthy investment because their clients will be happy with the products that are being used on them (massage oils and scrubs, et cetera) and in turn will make these clients come back for more.”

The solution for SPA Ingredients is in education.

All natural“It’s a continuous challenge to educate the market about the benefits of using locally-made, all-natural and organic skin care products. To make our clients fully understand its importance, we make sure that we meet our clients to personally explain and elaborate the use and benefits of each product and variant. We provide them with materials to make them aware of the advantages and how they can use these advantages to get ahead of their competitors,” Sarza said.

SPA Ingredients currently offers Glutathione products, such as the Organic Glutathione Bath Soaps (which comes in four different variants namely Glutathione Plain, Glutathione and Papaya, Glutathione and Sweet Pea, and Glutathione and Oatmeal), Glutathione Face and Body Wash, Glutathione Skin Milk Lotion, and Glutathione Face Cream – all of them made with plant-derived Glutathione, so that they are naturally effective and safe for the all skin types.

Another unique product being offered is the Gugo Shampoo, which is made with real Gugo Barks, Gugo extract and Virgin Coconut Oil. Gugo, as Filipinos may know, has a natural property to increase hair volume.

But SPA Ingredients also believes in customizing solutions as needed. “We also believe that the best services we give to our clients are the customization of products according to their specifications and needs; and our unique personal treatment to each client,” Sarza said.

In the future, SPA Ingredients aims to offer full consulting to spa owners and to those planning to open a spa. “We’d like to help them not just in terms of providing premium products but in other areas of the business as well,” Sarza ended.

For more information on SPA Ingredients, call (+632) 8626343, SMS/call (+63) 9285249196 or (+63) 9228451585, or visit

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