Ocean Park Hong Kong launches first ever virtual reality rollercoaster

Christmastime is the best season to travel with family and friends. As Hong Kong remains as one of the top holiday destinations for Filipinos, Ocean Park Hong Kong brings its Christmas Sensation with the launch of the Mine Train presented by Samsung Gear VR, Hong Kong’s first ever virtual reality rollercoaster, and other several exciting VR game zones.

Leo Kung, chairman of Ocean Park, said, “In the past four decades, Ocean Park has always tried to stay ahead in the market by embracing inventiveness to enhance our guests’ experience. We never cease to amuse our guests with innovation and creativity, which has been the cornerstone of our success. This time, we are partnering with Samsung Electronics to introduce the hottest virtual reality technology to our popular Mine Train, transforming the ride into Hong Kong’s first ever virtual reality rollercoaster ride and boosting its excitement level to new heights.”

Flying through a virtual world on a real rollercoaster

Mine Train presented by Samsung Gear VR offers guests a brand new stunning VR experience that synchronises virtual movement to real motion. After putting on special VR headsets with attached Samsung GALAXY smartphones on the Mine Train, guests will begin their ultra-realistic journey in the Amazon rainforest through the vivid screen of GALAXY smartphones. Equipped with a 101-degree field of view, Gear VR allows guests to enjoy the 360-degree video in first person view. Guests can come face to face with amazing animals living in the rich biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest, while experiencing the sensations of the highest speed at 71 kilometers per hour and gravitation forces as the train rockets up and down along the tracks. Guests can also get to know more about the habitats of many unique species and learn about the importance of conservation.

Yiyin Zhao, VP and head of IT and Mobile Communication Business of Samsung Electronics H.K. Co. Ltd., said, “As a global leader in technology, Samsung hopes to make use of advanced technology to work with different industries and partners to provide customers a more high-tech experience. We are proud to partner with Ocean Park to present the first-ever virtual reality rollercoaster in Hong Kong, providing guests a more thrilling ride experience.”

In addition to the VR rollercoaster, more adrenaline-pumping VR experiences will be on offer during Christmas Sensation in two VR game zones. Guests can enter a life-like shootout with friends at the VR Arcade, or challenge their speed and dexterity riding hyper-speed bikes, completing missions in mid-air, and even go boxing at the VR Challenges Zone. Thrill Mountain also houses a seasonal VR cinema where guests can immerse themselves beneath the rainforest canopy in a 360-degree view in the VR Forest Adventure.

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