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10 Tips to make the most of your visit to Moab, Utah

Referred to by many as the “Adventure Capital of the World”, Moab is the gateway to the mighty Colorado River and two iconic treasures: Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.



Locals who live in Moab, Utah, know how to get the most fun out of this red rock playground they call home. Referred to by many as the “Adventure Capital of the World”, Moab is the gateway to the mighty Colorado River and two iconic treasures: Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.

When visitors want to play like a local, the hot tip is to pay a visit to the Moab Adventure Center on South Main Street, a one-stop shop for all adventure-related activities and advice. Drawing from their years of experience, they offer this shortlist of what to do, exclusive of wining, dining and shopping, guaranteed to make one feel a connection to a place that is unlike any other vacation destination on earth.

Insider’s top tips Include: 

  1. Rafting for the Day on the Colorado River – One of the most popular activities in Moab is rafting on the Colorado River immersed in the world-famous scenery of Castle Valley. Visitors have plenty of choices from morning or mid-day trips, but a full day of rafting offers the most bang for the buck and can even include a riverside BBQ picnic. 
  2. A Sunset Evening Hummer Safari – In the evening, everything in Moab turns a deeper shade of red, or pink or orange as the sun sets slowly in the west. A Sunset Hummer Safari posits locals and visitors alike in the epi-center of this kaleidoscope of colors while sitting comfortably in a rock-steady Hummer driven by expert guides over some of the most unique terrain on the planet. The Hells Revenge Trail is perhaps the most famous 4×4 trail in the world and certainly one of the most popular things to do in Moab. 
  3. Going Deep with Canyoneering  Hiking is one of the most compelling activities in Moab and can lead to hidden grottoes, arches and rare creek-side trails. Many take the trek up Grandstaff Canyon for a little shade and desert greenery along a beautiful stream. But most people just hike up and back from the trailhead missing the best adventure. Taking the route a step further can lead to the top edge of Grandstaff Canyon and a classic Moab canyoneering adventure. After harnessing up with experienced guides and ropes, you rappel into Ephedra’s Grotto and then over the massive Morning Glory Natural Bridge. 
  4. Touring Arches National Park  You can’t make a trip to Moab, Utah, and not see Arches National Park. Many of the park’s iconic features are easily explored just off the highway with guided van tour, or, like the locals, you can drive on your own providing you secure an entry permit months in advance. Some advantages to a guided Arches tour include taking your hands off the wheel so you can look at the odd scenery instead of the line of bumpers in front of you. 
  5. Riding the Moab Zip Line  Zipline tours are always a lot of fun no matter where you are, but where else can locals and visitors alike soar like a raven from sandstone ledges, domes and fins across a wide-open desert rimmed by snow-capped mountains? A rowdy 4×4 ride up the mountainside brings adventurers above the town of Moab and to the rim of a whole different landscape. 
  6. Hiking and Rock Climbing to Fisher Towers – These soaring towers rise nearly 1,000 feet above the desert floor yet blend in almost imperceptibly from certain viewpoints among Castle Valley below. Rock climbing is a very popular thing to do in Moab, and the Fisher Towers ascents offer expert climbers a challenging and rewarding view. Just hiking the undulating trail at the base of the towers is awe-inspiring — no need for ropes to get an amazing view here! The way the place glows at sunset and the silhouette of iconic rock castles in the valley below will really make you feel like you’ve been someplace worthy of being called “The Wild West”. 
  7. Driving to the Overlook at Dead Horse Point – Locals advise that soaking up the vast view at this easily accessible overlook in the morning or evening sunlight is one of Moab’s best experiences. The goosenecks of the Colorado River roll tranquilly hundreds of feet below as the river approaches the deeper labyrinth of gorges in Canyonlands National Park, including Cataract Canyon.  Savvy locals also hop on their mountain bikes to ride the trails that traverse the rim of the Dead Horse Point area. Visitors may opt for guided mountain bike tours or do-it-yourself jeep rentals
  8. Relaxing at the Moab Aquatic & Rec Center  While Mother Nature offers so much to see and do in the Moab area, locals and visitors alike enjoy the Moab Aquatic & Recreation Center, also known as the MRAC, a local hub for fitness and leisure activities. Think two outdoor pools, an indoor pool and slide, a fitness center and fitness classes. 
  9. Visiting The Original Jurassic Park  More than dinosaur bones and footprints, the Moab Giants Dinosaur Park and Tracks Museum will make dinosaurs seem alive again. This interactive dinosaur park framed by Jurassic rock layers is a must-revisit when locals entertain friends and families. Think Dinosaur Trail, Dig it Out at the Dino Playground, the Paleo Camp and the 5-D virtual aquarium. 
  10. Golfing in Moab  Golf courses can’t get much more scenic than the Moab Golf Course. Smooth vivid greens contrast against craggy red cliffs to make for a stunning 18-hole, par 72 day. 

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Sunny summertime safety

Tips for enjoying the great outdoors.



A bright, sunny day offers opportunities for warm-weather fun. To make the most of your summer, you’ll need to take a few steps to enhance the experience and ensure you’re ready for whatever the day may bring.

When it’s time to head outside, consider these tips from the experts at CURAD to protect your body (and skin) from the elements this summer:

Protect Skin from UV Rays

Any time you’ll be outdoors for more than 15 minutes, you should wear protective sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, even if it’s partly cloudy or overcast. One mistake many people make is applying sunscreen before they leave the house then not reapplying throughout the day. To help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, reapply sunscreen at least every two hours and more frequently if you’re swimming or sweating.

Also be sure to cover all exposed areas, including often overlooked spots like the tops of your ears, neck and tops of your feet, if they’re exposed by sandals or other open shoes.

Stay Hydrated

One of the most important ways to protect your health when you’re spending the day outdoors is staying hydrated, especially on warm days when you’re losing your body’s water reserves to sweat. Drinking plenty of fluids, especially water, throughout the day can help replenish what you lose so you don’t get dehydrated, and you’ll also have an easier time regulating your body’s temperature.

Be Prepared for Cuts and Scrapes

Summer cuts and scrapes are to be expected, but the faster you can take care of them, the faster you can get back to having fun. An option like CURAD Kendra Dandy Adhesive Bandages can help you heal in style with a four-sided seal that keeps dirt and germs out and a nonstick pad that’s extra absorbent. Designed by Dandy, a renowned artist and illustrator, these fashion-forward bandages are made with a comfortable, stretchy material that conforms to your body for maximum protection. Available in a 30-count standard-sized strip and a 50-count variety pack, these eye-catching bandages feature trendy, one-of-a-kind pineapple, papaya, banana and dragon fruit designs that can add a little fun and flair to your summer wardrobe.

“We created our Kendra Dandy designer bandage line to add a splash of fun, color and flair to our classic adhesive bandages, offering consumers thought-provoking styles that add a great feeling to empowered healing,” said Kim Washington, Medline vice president of marketing.

Repel Bugs

Aggressive insects can put a damper on outdoor fun. Bug spray or roll-on products should go on top of your sunscreen, but never under your clothes. Apply a sparing coat to all exposed skin and clothing, paying special attention to your waistband, pant and sleeve cuffs, collar and socks. Rather than applying spray directly to your face, spray the palms of your hands then rub the repellant onto your face. Be sure to wash your hands afterward to avoid accidentally transferring spray to your mouth or eyes.

If you have sensitive skin or prefer not to use spray or roll-on for other reasons, products like repellant fans or wearable repellant bracelets may be good alternatives. Some essential oils are also natural bug repellants.

Don’t Forget Your Lips

While faces, necks, arms and legs are often top of mind to protect from the sun’s rays, lips can be easy to forget. However, using a lip balm that is rich in oils, beeswax and petroleum can help seal in moisture. Similar to sunscreen, lip balms featuring SPF should be reapplied every two hours when outdoors and often offer added moisturizing benefits. Available in a variety of flavors, some even taste good enough to leave you wanting to apply them over and over again regardless of if you’re venturing outside or not.

Wear Light Clothing

When it’s hot outside and you’re engaged in physical activity, you’re at a greater risk of overheating. Dressing for the climate, while also protecting yourself from the elements, should be a top priority. If the temperature will vary throughout the day, consider layering so you can warm up or cool down as needed. Lighter clothes that don’t add weight are a good idea, and it’s important to be conscious of the fit. Ideally, clothes should be loose enough to allow for easy, comfortable movement, but not so baggy they get in the way or pose a snagging or tripping hazard. Don’t forget accessories like a hat and sunglasses, which can protect your head and eyes.

Support Summertime Injuries

Twisted ankles are one of the more common summertime injuries, especially for hikers or runners who may stumble over rocks or curbs, and even weekend warriors playing pick-up basketball or softball games. Keeping an ankle support on-hand can help stabilize a sprain or provide extra support during recovery. If you do experience a mild injury, it’s important to choose a high-quality product, like CURAD Performance Series IRONMAN ankle supports and braces. With options available to support both mild and moderate ankle injuries, they offer a rugged yet comfortable design to wear on the field, in the gym, at work or out on the town.

Find more tips and resources to take care of your body this summer and beyond at

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Top 10 boating safety tips

Get ready for the summer boating season by refreshing yourself and your passengers on safe boating practices. While we draw attention to safety this week, following these guidelines will protect you all year long.



Photo by Drew Dau from

This week is National Safe Boating Week (May 21-27, 2022), and would like to encourage public awareness of boating safety. One way to start is for people to take a boating safety course and get their boating license, known as the Boater Education Certificate.

Besides getting your license, here are our Top 10 Boating Safety Tips:

  1. Wear a Life Jacket – Even if you are a strong swimmer with quick reflexes, it’s a great idea always to wear your life jacket when on your boat. Choose one that fits properly and is designed for your activity. A PFD that flips you on your back and keeps your head above water is ideal.
  2. Don’t Boat Under the Influence – Any substance that impairs your ability to focus on boating should be avoided, including alcohol, prescription drugs, or other drugs (legal or illegal). Boaters under the influence cause one-third of all boating fatalities.
  3. Carry Proper Safety Equipment – Fire extinguishers, lights, flares, bailers, sound signals, navigation aids, and flags are essential for keeping you safe in an emergency. Check equipment conditions and expiration dates before you head out. If your boat is equipped with an engine cut-off device or switch, you must use it.
  4. Don’t Overload Your Boat – Your vessel’s capacity plate will advise the recommended weight of passengers and gear. Make sure you load it evenly to keep the boat stable and prevent capsizing.
  5. File a Float Plan – Let someone know your boating plans and when you will return. Have a plan to check in if your route changes and when they should call for assistance. Know how to use VHF radios, emergency locator beacons, satellite phones, and cell phones to call for help. 
  6. Check the Weather – Before and during your trip, keep track of storms that may head into the area. Head toward shore or shelter if the skies start to turn ominous. Take an extra set of clothes in case you get wet. Bring rain gear and sun protection.
  7. Stay Focused – Conditions on the water can change in an instant. Stay alert and pay attention to your actions and the actions of other boaters, anglers, and divers.
  8. Slower is Safer – Follow posted speed signs, and slow down when it’s congested, near wildlife areas, where people are fishing or diving, and when docking.
  9. Know Navigation Rules – The course will teach you the “Rules of the Road,” including how to signal or pass other vessels.  Don’t assume the other vessels will follow the rules and be prepared to compensate.
  10. Obey the Laws – course will go over boating laws in various circumstances, but head to your state’s website to see the latest rules and regulations. Pay attention and follow any law enforcement instructions.

Get ready for the summer boating season by refreshing yourself and your passengers on safe boating practices. While we draw attention to safety this week, following these guidelines will protect you all year long.

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Airbnb launches ultimate designer getaway in Phuket’s iconic heritage mansion

The sprawling white and mustard heritage home is located in the historic heart of Old Phuket Town, and has been exquisitely restored to preserve its original fixtures, including richly patterned tiles and teakwood floors. Its first floor is now home to the Blue Elephant Restaurant – a Michelin Plate awardee and long-running stalwart of Thailand’s culinary industry.



Filipinos planning their first overseas trip in two years after borders reopen on April 1 can now snag themselves the perfect holiday, as Airbnb launches the ultimate designer stay in Phuket’s palatial Governor’s Mansion – the island’s largest icon of Sino-Portuguese baroque architecture.

As the country gears up for its biggest cultural festival, Songkran, one group of four lucky guests will get to soak up the vibrant festivities with an island getaway of a lifetime, only on Airbnb. The majestic Governor’s Mansion will be bookable on for only Php2,500* for a two night stay from 15-17 April 2022, welcoming overnight guests for the first time in more than 50 years. Bookings open at 9AM PHT on April 5, 2022. Travelers from Thailand or any of the countries that currently allow international travel to and from Thailand can apply — the Philippines included.

Guests will be hosted by popular Phuket-born model-actress Patricia Tanchanok Good who rose to fame in one of Netflix’s most popular Thai dramas last year, Girl From Nowhere 2, and national ambassador for royal Thai cuisine and Blue Elephant founder, master chef Nooror Somany Steppe. Programming for this special stay is supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

The 119-year-old Governor’s Mansion welcomed many out-of-town dignitaries and remains one of several neoclassical heritage mansions on Phuket today. The sprawling white and mustard heritage home is located in the historic heart of Old Phuket Town, and has been exquisitely restored to preserve its original fixtures, including richly patterned tiles and teakwood floors. Its first floor is now home to the Blue Elephant Restaurant – a Michelin Plate awardee and long-running stalwart of Thailand’s culinary industry.

On the second floor, renowned Thai designer Saran Yen Panya has created a memorable, visually stunning space that pays homage to Thailand’s rich heritage and buzzing contemporary design scene. The stay features statement pieces by Yothaka – widely revered as Thailand’s master of design – in addition to bespoke handcrafted items by up-and-coming designers Kitt Ta Khon, Masaya, Sumphat Gallery, Thaniya and Mo Jirachaisakul, paired with Phuketian antiques from some of the island’s most distinguished homes and museums.

Guests will be immersed in a quintessentially Phuketian experience, including:

  • A personal welcome at check-in by Thai superstar Patricia ‘Good’ Tanchanok, who will share her favourite hidden gems in Phuket and tips for exploring the island
  • Exclusive access to a two-bedroom suite on the Mansion’s expansive second floor, including a private reception lounge and living room
  • A bespoke, multi-course ‘Songkran’ tasting menu prepared and hosted by master Chef Nooror Somany Steppe
  • A scuba diving and snorkeling adventure around the sparkling reefs and islands that dot the Andaman Sea
  • A gibbon rehabilitation social impact experience in Phuket’s last rainforest

“Thailand is an extraordinary country with unparalleled warmth and hospitality, and some of the most beautiful destinations. As more of us begin to travel further from home and for longer durations, we are working with our Host community to welcome the world back to Thailand safely. We are delighted to add the majestic Governor’s Mansion to our collection of unique stays throughout the Kingdom,” said Amanpreet Bajaj, Airbnb General Manager for Southeast Asia, India, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

“Songkran is a special moment for all Thais, as we give thanks and celebrate the dawn of a new year. As Thailand reopens, we are incredibly thrilled to partner with Airbnb to warmly welcome the world back to our country. We invite travellers from around the world to experience the “Amazing New Chapters” of Thailand under ‘Visit Thailand Year 2022’, with this iconic stay that shines a light on some of our finest Thai designers; as well as Phuket’s natural wonders, unique heritage and architecture, and delicious local cuisine,” shared Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

For more reasons to book that flight to the Land of Smiles, check out Airbnb’s first-ever Travel Guide to Thailand — spotlighting the hottest and most underrated destinations across the country, delicious gastronomic specialties and the most extraordinary Airbnb Stays for an incredible overseas getaway.

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