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OMRON blood pressure monitors now available in Mercury Drug stores nationwide

The latest OMRON HEM 7156-A model is already out in selected Mercury Drug stores nationwide.



OMRON Healthcare, a global leader in the field of clinically proven, innovative medical equipment, announces that its blood pressure monitoring (BPM) devices will now be available at Mercury Drug, the leading drugstore in the country. The latest OMRON HEM 7156-A model is already out in selected Mercury Drug stores nationwide.

OMRON, alongside organizations such as the Philippine Society of Hypertension, continues to campaign for home blood pressure monitoring as a means to mitigate the effects of hypertension. Even amid the pandemic, high blood pressure continues to be one of the top causes of mortality among Filipinos, with the latest survey from the Philippine Heart Association placing the prevalence rate of hypertension at 37 percent. Despite this alarming statistic, only about 25% of hypertensives monitor their blood pressure at home, the survey further reveals.

Through this collaboration with Mercury Drug, OMRON reaffirms its commitment to help more Filipino families achieve good heart health.

“Our partnership with Mercury Drug allows us to bring OMRON closer to more Filipinos. With Mercury Drug’s vast network of more than 1,200 stores nationwide, we have a larger platform to make our world-class and reliable healthcare technologies more accessible to Filipinos. As we continue to forge more partnerships and expand the channels where our products are available, we remain steadfast in our commitment to promote home blood pressure monitoring as a means to help prevent the complications resulting from hypertension,” shared Yusuke Kato, General Manager for OMRON Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd – Philippine Branch (Healthcare Division).

Mercury Drug has been offering branded and generic medicines, medical devices, and healthcare and personal care products since 1945. Through the years, it has established its reputation as the leading drugstore in the Philippines, making it one of the most trusted and awarded merchants in the country today.

Ms. Vivian Que-Azcona, President of Mercury Drug Corporation said, “This partnership aligns with our mission to serve our customers – to have what they want, when, where and how they want it. This OMRON blood pressure monitoring device is a welcome addition to our  product range that will help our customers  in managing their health condition.”

Effortless Accuracy from the Comforts of Home

The HEM-7156-A is a state-of-the-art device designed for ease of use.

One of the most notable features of the HEM-7156-A is the 360-degree IntelliWrap Cuff technology. A study by Perleberg Research in 2014 revealed that one in three people measure their blood pressure inaccurately when monitoring from home. A big contributor factor to this is incorrect cuff positioning. OMRON’s IntelliWrap Cuff solves this through a preformed fit cuff that gives accurate readings at any angle and reduces measurement errors at home. The cuff is even designed to make wearing easy to do even with just one hand – a benefit that is indispensable for self-monitoring.

OMRON HEM-7156-A is also equipped with “Intellisense”, a standard among all OMRON blood pressure monitors. This means that the device automatically personalizes the cuff inflation to eliminate pain or discomfort for the wearer during measurement. This revolutionary technology pioneered by OMRON further minimizes possible misrepresentation in readings. 

The device is programmed to signal when an individual is suspected to have highly elevated blood pressure through its Hypertension Indicator. It features Pulse Rate and Body Movement Capturing and Irregular Heartbeat Detection, the latter helping to detect abnormal heart beat rhythm for early intervention and treatment of possible cardiovascular diseases. The product package also comes with a universal adapter.

The OMRON HEM-7156-A is available in selected Mercury Drug branches nationwide for only Php4,380.

For more information about OMRON Healthcare’s products and their availability, visit

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Healthy ways to control your diabetes

In 2020, deaths due to Type 2 diabetes mellitus or adult diabetes ranked fourth at 37,265 after heart disease (99,680), cancer (62,289), and cerebrovascular diseases (59,736), as revealed by Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) data.



Diabetes has been a bitter pill to swallow, particularly for countries affected by the rising number of cases every year. In 2019, approximately 463 million adults (20-79 years) were living with this chronic metabolic disease, characterized by an increase in blood sugar levels; by 2045, this will rise to 700 million, according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). 

A similar trend is also happening in the Philippines. In 2020, deaths due to Type 2 diabetes mellitus or adult diabetes ranked fourth at 37,265 after heart disease (99,680), cancer (62,289), and cerebrovascular diseases (59,736), as revealed by Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) data. 

However, having diabetes does not mean you can never have a healthy, everyday life.  

Working closely with your doctor can help you manage diabetes, and you can also start focusing on some critical changes in your daily life. Here are some ways to manage your blood sugar levels, as listed by the Department of Health (DOH).  

Keep yourself active. Despite being inside your home most of the time due to existing lockdowns and community quarantines, staying active is crucial to help control your blood sugar levels. A little cardio can be a big help, no need to push yourself to do hardcore workouts. 

Workout at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes each session. Not only can it help you bring down your blood sugar levels, but it can also help you lose some extra pounds, increase your endorphins (happy hormones) and ease stress.  

Manage your stress. Getting stressed when you have diabetes will do you no good. When you’re stressed, your blood sugar levels go up. That is why it pays to relieve your stress by doing hobbies that relax you and doing some breathing exercises or yoga. 

Quit Smoking. Smoking is harmful to your health, especially if you have diabetes. In addition, it may trigger other health problems, such as heart disease, eye disease, stroke, and kidney disease. Smoking also can make it harder to exercise. If you’re a smoker, consult with your doctor about the ways to quit. 

Maintain normal blood pressure. Since hypertension puts a person at high risk of cardiovascular disease, primarily associated with diabetes, reliable blood pressure monitoring and control is highly advised. Seek your doctor’s advice on proper management. 

Eat healthy. Eating healthy food is crucial when you have diabetes. Do not skip or delay meals since it causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels. It also pays to eat more fiber-rich foods like vegetables and cut down on salt. Drinking alcohol, on the other hand, must be avoided. Dietary guidelines recommend no more than two drinks for men and not more than one drink per day for women. 

‘Eating Sweets? Still Possible’ 

When it comes to eating sweets, it is advised to avoid simple sugars like cakes and chocolates. But it does not mean that you can’t let anything sweet pass your lips again. Instead, have complex carbohydrates like rice, pasta, cereals, and fresh fruits.  

You can use some alternative sweeteners now available in nearby drugstores nationwide. For instance, Santé, a premier natural and organic health and wellness product and services provider,  offers Sweet Via, a sweetener from a natural source with amazing health benefits. 

Sweet Via is made with stevia, a natural substitute for sugar, derived from the leaves of a small perennial green shrub. Anyone who suffers from blood sugar disorders or who needs to limit their caloric intake should know about the remarkable properties of stevia. It is an accepted sugar substitute that can contribute to weight management and improved caloric control.[1] 

Aside from stevia, Sweet Via contains Inulin, a natural soluble dietary fiber from a chicory plant that promotes digestive health. It acts as food for good bacteria in the colon. Studies also suggest that Inulin aids in keeping blood sugar levels low.[2] 

Free from artificial additives, Sweet Via turns sweets into a treat without the guilt. It is also a perfect sweetener for not only for people with diabetes but also perfect for weight watchers and those who want to cut down on their sugar or calorie intake.  

Sweet Via is now available in leading drugstores nationwide and online shopping platforms, such as Shopee and Lazada. This product comes in a box containing 10 sachets. Each sachet contains 1g of the sweetener, equivalent to 2 teaspoons of sugar. It instantly sweetens any beverage and food recipe minus the guilt and harmful effects of too much sugar. 

This product is just one of the many other organic health and wellness products offered by Santé, known for developing a comprehensive selection of everyday barley-based products. They are designed to improve people’s quality of life so they can live more and do more. 

To learn more about Santé, visit its website at   

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BPI-Philam evolves to ‘BPI AIA’ to bring Filipinos a global insurance experience

As a redesigned brand, it will use its global heritage to fulfill its commitment to provide accessible, affordable, and personalized insurance for Filipinos.



BPI-Philam, a strategic alliance that allowed the AIA Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company (AIA Philam Life) to offer insurance through the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), has unveiled its new identity as BPI AIA. As a redesigned brand, it will use its global heritage to fulfill its commitment to provide accessible, affordable, and personalized insurance for Filipinos.

Founded in 2009, the firm is among the top insurance companies in the country recognized by the Insurance Commission. Bank partner BPI is the first bank in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, with a heritage of solid trust, financial strength, and innovation over the past 170 years. Then-AIA Philam Life, meanwhile, is a market-leading insurance company for over 70 years. It is under the AIA Group, the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group, with a presence in 18 markets across Asia Pacific. Having recently renamed to AIA Philippines, BPI-Philam evolves to follow suit.

The change is a move to align with the bigger umbrella that is the AIA Group, a name practically synonymous with the insurance industry for over a century now. Along with the name, the rebranding entails a streamlining of systems and processes as well as development of new ones that will seamlessly elevate the service experience that the company provides its clients. After all, BPI AIA not only bears the name of two industry giants but also carries within itself their combined values, expertise, and commitment.

“We are truly excited to venture into this new chapter in our journey. The challenges we all experienced in the past year brought unprecedented changes to our customers’ lives, and as their life protection partner, we also evolve to deliver the support they need and deserve. As BPI AIA, we’d like to assure our clients that this initiative only strengthens our company’s stability and commitment to service, so they can brave the new world and face a new tomorrow,” said BPI AIA Chief Executive Officer Surendra Menon.

Policyholders can expect to continue to enjoy all the benefits and privileges of their policies bought under the BPI-Philam brand with an ever-increasing range and standard of services geared to how their lifestyles are changing in the evolving environment at the speed that is comfortable for them. This includes all rewards earned and can be earned for products with AIA Vitality. Any concerns by policyholders can be easily raised with their respective points of contact for appropriate resolution.

BPI AIA ultimately aims to close the protection gap in the Philippines through its comprehensive life, health, and income protection plans, while encouraging clients to live healthier and bring their dreams to life. More information about the company and its products is available at the official Facebook page <> or via the virtual assistant Bessie (via Messenger). Customers can also visit the website <>.

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LG announces improved version of its PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier

The new LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier leverages its VoiceON technology which employs a microphone and a speaker built into the device to clearly project the user’s voice, making communications easier to be heard and understand while wearing the mask.



LG launched the improved version of its PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier, an innovative wearable device designed to improve air quality, the company introduced last year. Worn as a mask, the newest model offers an enhanced performance with its new voice amplification feature, ergonomic design and other features that are recommended for use in the new normal.

“LG has been at work in order to provide meaningful ways of improving the day-to-day of the new normal. The LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier has been the talk of the town for over a year now, and here we are for an even better version. I’m excited to introduce to everyone a new product that’s perfect for the new normal,” said Sungjae Kim, LG Philippines managing director.

The new LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier leverages its VoiceON technology which employs a microphone and a speaker built into the device to clearly project the user’s voice, making communications easier to be heard and understand while wearing the mask.

The latest version of the device is equipped with a fully automatic airflow control system which increases breathing comfort. It also incorporates two H13 HEPA filters, the same filter found and used in premium air purifiers for the home, to ensure the air users breathe is as clean and healthy as possible. Driven by an ultra-small and lightweight motor, the device’s dual fans combined with LG’s airflow control technology detects user’s breathing pattern and adjusts airflow accordingly, helping the user breathes easier and more naturally. This technology prevents a common problem for those wearing glasses and mask at the same time, keeping their lenses from fogging up when exhaling. 

The wearable air purifier is made of medical-grade materials to protect users. Boasts of SafePlus multi-filtration system, the device filters out harmful particles, removes 99.9% of viruses, and provides clean air. Apart from these, the device is energized by a battery that is said to offer up to eight hours of usage at a single charge.

With its new design, the LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier offers a subtle yet stylish look and comes in two colors: creamy white and ocean black. To guarantee a better fit for more consumers, the device will be offered in medium and large sizes. Its design also fits and seals to user’s face while minimizes air leakage around the nose and chin. The device should be breathable and right fit for the user.

The LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier is currently available at online stores, Abenson and Electroworld.

Now that the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease is still very active in the country where daily virus transmission is still increasing in terms of number of cases, wearing a mask is highly recommended, apart from other protocols such as social distancing and hand washing. Dr. Ma. Adelina Sadili, consultant pulmonologist at the Makati Medical Center advises everyone to wear mask to stop the spread of the virus. At the event, Sadili presented a transmission model showing the impact of public mask wearing under the full range of mask adherence and efficacy scenarios.

Sadili explained that “if a COVID-19 carrier does not wear mask, the possibility of transmission to a healthy person wearing a mask is very high, at 70%. But, if the COVID carrier wears a mask and the healthy person doesn’t, the possibility of transmission goes down to only 5%. If both are wearing masks then the possibility of transmission goes further down to 2.5%”.

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