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Alaxan offers solutions to pains in post-pandemic lifestyle

Whether the situation has influenced our present lifestyle in one way or another, here are a few ways our livelihood and health were reshaped.



The pandemic has undoubtedly altered our everyday lives. The transition forced us to reevaluate our livelihood while prioritizing our overall well-being in the midst of a global health emergency. 

While a post-pandemic lifestyle has its pains and gains, Filipinos have begun to put greater importance on their overall health and make mindful choices when it comes to the efficacy and safety of the health solutions we use.

Whether the situation has influenced our present lifestyle in one way or another, here are a few ways our livelihood and health were reshaped.

Hybrid work normalized for some industries

The pandemic reshaped work life for many.  Many office workers have started embracing a more confined lifestyle as the majority (80%) of Filipinos prefer hybrid work, which allows for greater work-life balance. However, it also results in lower levels of physical activity due to long hours of sitting. 

This flexible work setup nowadays is convenient for Charlene Miole, a BPO employee. “Mas marami akong oras para sa gawaing bahay at mas maraming bonding time sa family ko. Kaya lang, may mga times na masakit ‘yung balakang at balikat dahil sa ‘di tamang posture pag nakaupo kapag nag-ta-trabaho.”

[I have more time to do household chores and bond with my family. However, there are times that I get shoulder and hip pain due to my bad sitting posture when I work.]

Rise of on-demand delivery services

Food delivery rider, Conrado Collado, shared that the pandemic rather unexpectedly provided better opportunities as more consumers order their meals online. However, Collado admitted that he is sometimes overworked, causing recurring body pains.

“Sumasakit ang katawan ko lalo na kapag buong araw ako bumibiyahe—byahe ng motor, lakad dito, lakad [doon]. Bihira ako umuwi ng bahay noon dahil sa taas ng kaso ng COVID tapos ‘yong asawa ko pa nawalan ng trabaho kaya dapat doble kayod. Hanggang sa ngayon, ito lang inaasahan namin kaya bumabyahe pa rin ako araw-araw,” shared Collado.

[I experience body pain especially when I ride for the whole day—riding the motorcycle and walking around for orders. I rarely went home before due to the high number of COVID cases. My wife also lost her job so I had to work double time. Up until now, this has been our main source of income so I deliver food every day.]

Filipinos realized the value of work

Meanwhile, getting laid off during the pandemic was the biggest worry of Joel Lim, a security guard. This pushed him to work harder to stay on the job to support his family, oftentimes, at the expense of his health. “Matindi ‘yung naging pangamba ko na mawalan ng trabaho noong pandemic, kaya ngayong unti-unti na tayo bumabawi, patuloy pa rin ako kumakayod. Kapag masakit ang katawan ko, bukod sa paglagay ng ointment, sinasabayan ko rin ng pain reliever para tuloy-tuloy talaga sa trabaho.”

[I was concerned about my job security during the pandemic. Now that we are slowly recovering from it, I still continue to strive hard. So when I experience body pain, aside from using topical ointment, I also take a pain reliever so I could continue working.]

Importance of well-researched health products

During the pandemic, there has been a lot of confusion and misconceptions surrounding our health and the products we put in our body—one of which is people’s worries about getting vaccinated. Through consistent public education, eventually, there became a greater understanding of the extensive research that goes behind healthcare products.

In the same grain, pain medicines like Alaxan have gone through not just various scientific research, but also real-life monitoring of its efficacy and safety.  After decades in the market, Ibuprofen+Paracetamol (Alaxan) has not caused serious side effects to the body organs.  It is a synergistic combination of Ibuprofen+Paracetamol that was found to have the highest success rate among OTC pain medicines tested, according to a 2015 scientific review by Cochrane, a world-renowned independent research institution.  The same study also found that Ibuprofen+Paracetamol has fewer adverse effects than placebo which proves that the combination is not likely to cause serious harmful effects on our body when used at the recommended dose.

While there is no other way but to move forward, the pandemic has certainly pushed us even more to work harder and to value our livelihood without compromising our health along the way. Fortunately, these past years also taught us that well-researched health products are accessible to give us a strong fighting chance against these challenges.

For more information about Alaxan, visit their website. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

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Product Showcase

Citadines Roces Quezon City showcased



In the heart of Quezon City stands Citadines Roces Quezon City, a testament to The Ascott Limited’s expanding footprint in the Philippines. As one of the properties from The Ascott Limited, it exemplifies the brand’s commitment to providing exceptional hospitality and top-tier accommodations.

With its modern design, diverse accommodations, extensive amenities, and a prime location, Citadines Roces Quezon City caters to both business and leisure travelers, offering a seamless blend of comfort and convenience. Whether for business conferences, social gatherings, or intimate celebrations, Citadines Roces Quezon City offers the perfect venue tailored to its guests’ needs.

Strategically located in a bustling metropolis

Nestled in Quezon City, Citadines Roces Quezon City prides itself for its ideal location for both travelers and their various demands and needs. As the largest city in Metro Manila, Quezon City is a dynamic hub of commerce, entertainment, and culture. Its position gives guests seamless access to government institutions, corporate offices, premier shopping destinations, and a vibrant dining scene. This makes it an attractive destination for travelers seeking convenience and a rich urban experience.

Unleash your event’s full potential with the property’s premier function rooms

To fully realize the property’s vision, one of the biggest highlights of Citadines Roces Quezon City is its state-of-the-art function rooms, designed to host various events with elegance and sophistication. These premier spaces are meticulously crafted to provide an ideal setting for any occasion. From corporate meetings and seminars to weddings and social events, the function rooms are equipped with the latest technology and amenities to ensure the success of every gathering. 

The function rooms are versatile, offering customizable layouts to suit the specific requirements of each event. Additionally, the dedicated event planning team at the property are available to assist with every detail, from menu selection to technical support. The attentive and professional staff are committed to providing exceptional service, ensuring that every event is executed flawlessly. With their expertise and attention to detail, you can be confident that your event at Citadines Roces Quezon City will be memorable and successful.

Each room features high-quality audio-visual equipment, including projectors, screens, and sound systems, to facilitate seamless presentations and multimedia experiences. The modern decor and flexible seating further enhance the ambiance, making it suitable for all events and social gatherings.

“Our function rooms are designed to cater to the unique needs of each event, offering customizable layouts and comprehensive support,” says Ms. Thea Peregrino, Assistant Residence Manager at Citadines Roces Quezon City. “Our dedicated event planning team and professional staff are committed to providing exceptional service, ensuring every event is executed flawlessly and leaves a lasting impression.”

In addition to the variety of inclusions to the function spaces, each individually curated event will be catered to by the residence’s flagship restaurant and bar, Alejo. Serving a robust selection of intercontinental cuisine with Filipino flavors at the helm, the restaurant can seamlessly customize an exceptional menu fit for any occasion. With its modern chic and wood-accented aesthetic, the outlet is also perfect for a more gastronomic focus setting, providing unlimited culinary experiences and food journeys for everyone to enjoy.  

No matter the event’s nature, find the perfect venue at Citadines Roces Quezon City. With its strategic location, comprehensive accommodation options, and premier function spaces, it stands as the ideal choice for creating unforgettable moments.

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PUMA drops new Deviate Nitro 3

With the third iteration of Deviate, PUMA is redefining speed in a way the running scene is yet to experience, empowering runners to unlock new personal bests.



Deviate means to do things differently. To not accept normal standards. To challenge the status quo. Deviate inspires you to not just go beyond your boundaries, but to shatter them in emphatic style.

With the third iteration of Deviate, PUMA is redefining speed in a way the running scene is yet to experience, empowering runners to unlock new personal bests.

Embodying PUMA’s relentless pursuit of excellence in performance footwear, Deviate provides runners with the confidence to hit the road, making every second count.

This new offering sees Deviate served up in a new  distinct model; Deviate NITRO 3 – a premium everyday hero.

Deviate NITRO 3

The Deviate NITRO 3 challenges runners to have the most successful training experience ever. It’s the everyday source of speed that runners can trust week after week, mile after mile.

The shoe is engineered with even more of PUMA’s cutting-edge NITROFOAM technology to deliver supreme cushion and responsiveness, elevating the legacy of its award-winning predecessor.

The carbon fibre PWR Plate offers a smoother and more consistent source of speed, resulting in an explosive toe-off that propels runners beyond their normal limits, whilst PUMA’s unrivalled PUMAGRIP enables multi-surface traction in even the most testing conditions.

A lightweight engineered mesh upper features strategically placed PWR Tape to provide support in high stress areas, with a padded collar offering additional comfort and fit.

Sure to enhance the training experience for people around the globe, Deviate NITRO 3 continues to grow closer to its raceday counterpart.

Deviate NITRO 3 Specifications:

  • Price: PHP 8, 800
  • Weight: 265g (UK8)
  • Stack Height: 29mm – 39mm

Commenting on the hotly anticipated double dose of Deviate, Romain Girard, VP Innovation at PUMA said: “We’re living in a world where athletes and runners have high expectations. They want to set PBs and break records, time and time again. To do that, you need a shoe that gives you the competitive edge – that’s where Deviate comes in. The Deviate NITRO™ 3 is now available globally on, in PUMA stores and selected retailers.

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Product Showcase

Red Bull Dance Your Style Qualifiers held in Davao



The competition was sizzling hot at the Red Bull Dance Your Style Qualifiers in Davao. The best dancers from all over the region brought their A-game, delivering performances that dazzled the audience, who wielded the power to choose the competition’s winner.

Red Bull Dance Your Style is a unique, global 1-on-1 street dance competition that brings out each dancer’s individuality and creativity, and celebrates the diversity of their dance styles. Unlike other dance competitions, Red Bull Dance Your Style challenges dancers to show off their improvisational expertise and freestyle dance moves to unpredictable songs.

For its third year in the Philippines, Red Bull Dance Your Style extended the search for the country’s top dance talents to Mindanao. This culminated in the first-ever qualifiers in Davao held last June 29 at Club Echelon in Davao City.

Sixteen dancers from the region took to the dance floor and unleashed their impressive moves and creativity with REPETER (Peter Nugas III), MJ (MJ Mejos), MSTR PIECE (Regie Harris Lavestre), and R3DMAN (Edrian Alcaria) dancing their way to the Top 4. In the end, R3DMAN took home the trophy. His unique style and prowess left the audience in awe, earning him the title. Both R3DMAN and MSTR PIECE, as first and second place winners respectively, secured their spots in the National Finals.

“It’s very overwhelming,” said R3DMAN. “I didn’t know what to feel. Earlier, when the champion was called, I was dazed. It felt like a dream for me.”

R3DMAN admitted he was not fully prepared for the competition as he had limited time to get ready. “The preparation was really quick; I only had two days to prepare because of school and work.” He also shared that he rarely participated in dance battles, preferring to choreograph rather than perform. “This is actually my fourth battle, which is why I still consider myself a rookie,” he added. “What I did was believe in myself and enjoy the moment.”

His win is not the end as he gears up for the next round of the competition. R3DMAN shared that one of the things he wants to work on is his endurance. “The preparation will be intense. I feel like I’m going to battle with myself as well for consistency, which is what I really need to work on.”

Present at the event was dance consultant Lema Diaz of the Philippine All-Stars. “I’ve been coming to Davao since 2006 to 2008, I know how great the dance artists are in Davao and Mindanao,” she remarked. “As a dance consultant, we make sure that we visit Davao or any place in Mindanao to find the best representative for the Philippines in the World Finals in Mumbai.”

Diaz claimed that R3DMAN’s performance throughout the competition was truly one of the highlights of the Davao qualifier. “Seeing him live, seeing him go through rounds, just the mastery of his own style is there,” said Diaz. “He can put his own personality, the ease of listening to the music, and the conversation he has with the audience and opponent.”

She added, “He’s really entertaining to watch, which is why I’m excited for Manila to witness him, for the whole Philippines to witness him, to have an exchange with the other dancers, because it’s going to be inspiring.”

As the Davao qualifier wraps up, the excitement builds for the next round of qualifiers happening in Cebu on July 13 at APEX Super Club. Diaz conveyed her enthusiasm for the upcoming rounds, saying, “(Dancers) elevate in a week, two weeks, three, and four weeks. What more in a year?” She added, “That’s why I’m so excited to see how high the level has become and how many people are coming because we’re growing.” Diaz also expressed her eagerness to see both new faces and familiar ones returning to compete on the dance floor.

Along with Diaz, fans of the competition are eagerly awaiting more incredible performances and unforgettable moments as dancers from across the Philippines vie for their chance to shine at the world stage.

Don’t miss a beat! Stay tuned for the next round of qualifiers and be sure to catch the Red Bull Dance Your Style Philippines National Finals on September 7. This is an event you truly won’t want to miss! Follow the Red Bull Dance Your Style Philippines journey to the World Finals in India on November 9, 2024.

For more information and updates regarding this year’s season of Red Bull Dance Your Style, visit the official Red Bull website and the following social media pages (Facebook | Instagram | Tiktok).

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