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There was time when paying attention to oneself was considered vain. And that, for a while there, was supposedly not necessarily a good thing.

But those days are long gone. We all know the relevance of learning to look after oneself to be always on tip-top shape, thus be able to put one’s best foot forward, as the cliché goes.

Not surprisingly, even in 2006, the number of health and wellness facilities in Metro Manila alone grew to 87, with most of the growth (74%) occurring since 2003, according to the Spa Industry Profile Philippines 2003-2007.

For  Julie Garrow, Managing Director of Intelligent Spas, a research company specializing in the spa industry and which did the survey, this “proves that there is a growing recognition of the relevance of focusing on caring for oneself before one is able to care for others.”

Based in the Global Spa Economy Report, as on end-2006, this industry is worth over $250 billion.

Now… despite all these, the Philippine wellness and spa industries remain under-represented. There was a time when it didn’t even have its own media that solely specifically highlighted the industry.

This is why Zest Magazine came into being.

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We aim to be a key source of information on everything about health and wellness in the Philippines.

We provide:

  • Updates on the current industry practices
  • List of the best – and worst – practitioners
  • Information on better living, from tips on caring for oneself to suggestions on staying fit even when time doesn’t seem to allow it

Let Zest Magazine help make feeling good, well, good.

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