Rebuild your temple: How to heal your body

We can do a lot of damage to our bodies through smoking, excessive drinking, and eating all the wrong things. These are injuries that, with time,  we can easily fix if we just adopt some healthy habits, such as exercise, hydration, and a healthy diet.

However, some of the damage inflicted on our bodies isn’t so easy to recover from. It will take longer to regain any of the energy and physical health you had after some injuries, but time will eventually heal all wounds.

Here is some advice for how to heal after some big traumas.


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The biggest battle your body will ever fight is the one against cancer. When your doctor tells you that your cancer is in remission, despite how happy you’ll be to hear it, you’ll be too tired to celebrate properly. The time after treatment is often a period of change. You may find you need time to regain and rebuild your physical and emotional health, even if you just want to jump back into your old life. The best thing to do is to slowly ease through the transition.

Gentle exercise is one way to gentle build up your strength, and cancer survivors who exercise have reported increased strength and endurance, fewer signs and symptoms of depression, less anxiety, improved mood, less pain, and improved sleep. You should also try to get your weight back to a healthy level by eating the right nutrition. Talking to a dietician is a good idea if you still have difficulty eating.


Making the decision to quit an addiction is incredibly brave. Anyone seeking help for the first time should understand that alcohol and drug addiction is a disease, not a moral failing, weakness of willpower, or a lack of ability to just say ‘no’. The first step towards quitting your habit is to seek the right help; some might advocate quitting cold turkey, but a safer course for someone addicted to narcotics, such as heroine, should really seek out methadone treatment so they can ease the harsh withdrawal symptoms.

In fact, rehabilitation centers should be sought out within the first 90 days, as this is when the most relapses occur. Your friends and family may want to help you, but they are not properly qualified to help through this stage. It’s best that they wait to help you once this period has passed.


If you’ve suffered from broken limbs, the best thing you can do is rest and let your body heal itself, however boring and frustrating that may feel. Always listen to your doctors; if they tell you that recovery will take three months, don’t try to prove them wrong by acting like you’ve healed in a matter of weeks. All this will accomplish is causing yourself further injury, and resulting in more recovery time. Once your doctor gives you the all clear, you can slowly start to rebuild your strength. Always remember to listen to your body.

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