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Lotus Moon releases Sole Retreat, a spa treatment for feet

Lotus Moon, the leading natural and organic eco-beauty skin care line, proudly announces the launch of its newest trio gift set – Sole Retreat, Foot Trio.

Lotus Moon, the leading natural and organic eco-beauty skin care line, has announced the launch of its newest trio gift set, Sole Retreat (Foot Trio).

Sole Retreat

As the foundation of the body, the feet are so important. Feet are used to walk, exercise, to stand up and sit down, all with the use of the feet. It’s important to take time out to unwind and pamper the feet in preparation for another day.

Sole Retreat, Foot Trio is a spa treatment for the feet. The set includes three separate products: Sole Polish (foot scrub), Sole Smooth (exfoliating foot cream), and Heel the Sole (therapeutic foot healing balm).

“The feet are so often neglected and surely they – complex structures of 28 bones laced with muscles, ligaments and tendons – deserve a little appreciation,” said Lake Louise, director of product development. “Sole Retreat is a way to show them some love.”

Both the foot scrub and cream contain glycolic acid to help exfoliate dead skin cells. Scented using a “grounding” blend of essential oils, vetiver, lavender, bergamot, patchouli and marjoram that support the root chakra.

Each product is 2 oz., full size. They come as a set but can be purchased individually as well.

A brand of SMB Essentials, Lotus Moon is an affordable eco-friendly skin care line for all skin types that uses natural and organic as well as active ingredients for balanced and radiant-looking skin. Created by Lake Louise in 2002, Louise combines her passion for the environment and love for skincare in creating a wide range of products that include anti-aging serums, moisturizers, peels, exfoliants, and more for the eco-conscious woman.

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