The forgetful traveller: How to avoid being one

Travellers are many things. Brave, adventurous and curious is just a few things that spring to mind. However, they can also be rather forgetful! It’s a forgivable trait, as a lot of thought and effort goes into planning and executing a great holiday or adventure. You’ve got to arrange your travel, your accommodation, your food and your excursions! So it’s only normal that some things might get forgotten about. This guide will help remind you of a few of those things, and help you enjoy your holiday to the full.

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Firstly, your toiletry bag! With all of those reminders and warnings out there, most of us remember to pack sunscreen. We also know now how important it is for it to have both UVA and UVB properties, and to be of a high enough factor for the weather. But what about the thing that comes after- aftersun? While not a necessity, it has a number of benefits. It can help to cool the skin, and calm it. Even if you’ve been sensible, your skin is still technically somewhat damage. Furthermore, aftersun moisturises the skin, which helps your tan to last longer. Plus the moisture puts it in better shape to deal with the heat again the next day.

Let’s not forget about travel too. When most of us think about ‘travel’ and ‘transport’ in the same sentence, we go immediately to ‘aeroplane’. Obviously, if you’re going to a far-flung country, it is probably the best option. But don’t let yourself forget about all the other types of transport out there. Travelling from London to Belgium? Take the Eurotunnel. Vietnam to Phu Quoc? Take a boat. Brisbane to Sydney? Travel via an RV. As you can see, wherever you are in the world, there is usually an alternative. Plus, sometimes these alternatives are cheaper, or more fun, or less restrictive. After all, you don’t have set baggage limits and departure times if you’re in your own motorhome! Avoiding planes also lowers your carbon footprint.

Onto currency next. For many countries, you can buy their currency in your own hometown. However, there are some places where the currency there is not allowed to leave the country. This is called closed currency. In these situations, you have to do the exchange once you arrive. Morocco, South Africa and Cuba are just a few examples of places where this is in play.


Now, onto your baggage limit. While you are at home, you can adhere to the restrictions pretty well. You’re still in a place where you can safely leave stuff behind. But don’t forget that if you only take one bag, you are limiting yourself to what you can buy when you’re abroad. This is bad news if you’re going on a shopping holiday to Manhattan. Or, if you’re heading to the market stalls in Istanbul to pick up some rugs and lanterns for your home! There is a solution, however, that still allows you to buy your wares. Buy an extra suitcase while you’re in your destination, and contact your airline well in advance of your flight home. Let them know you’ll be bringing an extra suitcase home and pay the extra. It is far cheaper to do this in advance that to pay on the day.

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