Extra service, anyone?

What do you do when your masseur actually whispered to you if you wanted “extra service”?

By CeCe S.

“You want extra service?” he whispered. In a voice so low I was thinking I must have been mishearing him.


“Extra service po,” he said again, this time in a voice I sure could hear, “was wondering if you wanted one.”

“Ummnn,” I stammered – embarrassed being asked what I was just asked, though I knew I shouldn’t be. It wasn’t like I did anything wrong – I wasn’t even the one who asked that… THAT question.

“Sir?” he asked again.

That’s when I felt the blood go up my head, like I was turned upside down – I felt my ears stinging, like I was just hit at the side of my head, and my face turned all red (I felt, not saw), my eyes even stinging a little bit. I was offended by the proposition. Truly offended.

“No.” I said. Plain. Simple.

“You just add–“ he tried again.

“No,” I firmly said, cutting him short.

And so he went back to the giving of the massage.

But then I couldn’t concentrate on enjoying the massage anymore. Every time his hands kneaded sore muscles, especially closer to my crotch, some weird images popped in my head. Weird – and dirty – images, in fact. And the massage was ruined.

And this, interestingly, got me to thinking.

Of the “extra service” in offer.

What is it in the first place? It is the offering of services, usually sexual, with massage (among others) by the masseurs/masseuses, ranging from hand jobs (masturbation) to blow jobs (oral sex/fellatio/cunnilingus) to actual sexual activity (penile-vaginal and/or penile-anal).

Why the offering? Because: 1) Clients demand it; 2) It earns the masseurs/masseuses, if not the centers’ owners themselves, additional income; 3) Because some centers are fronts of prostitution; 4) Mutual understanding between clients and service providers; 5) Et cetera.

Where is it offered/Who offers it? Depending on the venue, actually, since there are “wholesome” places where masseurs/masseuses give the service sans the knowledge of the owners who disallow such activities in their premises; and there are those who actively encourage the activities.

And this last point is what made me realize that, yes, I was in this spa in Quezon City, and it is known for not just having good masseurs, who, while they are giving the best massages, try to earn more from, yes, the extra services customers may want to avail. In fact, for many, it is the extra service that is sought out in the place.

With that, I was pacified somehow.

Being in that place guaranteed being offered.

Meaning, choose your spas well – know that if you are in a venue offering extra services, you will be offered; if in a completely wholesome place, that is what you’ll get, exactly.

After my massage, I was still peeved, truth be told, so I spoke with the manager, who got more than an earful from me about the extra services they offer – yes, I can report them to the police (it is illegal, after all), not to mention rude to customers, and is abusive of the workers (hey, maybe they don’t really want to do the extra service, but are “forced” to do so to earn money). Something, I said, has got to be done.

But even with the promise of changes, what’s needed is all in me: this option to know better.

For in that, alone, is where a completely terrific spa experience lies.

CeCe S., a fashion designer, is a regular spa visitor, who believes “the best ones are not necessarily the most expensive, just as the most expensive ones do not necessarily guarantee good experiences.” He, thus, tours the scene to check what’s worth visiting or not – and shares the lessons to be shared in these tours.

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