What can you do to prevent cancer?

There has been a lot of talk about cancer prevention in the last few years. As nearly half of us will be affected by cancer in some way during our lives, it really is an important consideration. There are many factors that can increase our risk of developing cancer as we get older. But are there really any ways to reduce that risk?

A lot of us are genetically predisposed to certain health and physical conditions. As DNA and genetics become more understood, it seems we can better identify who is likely to have a higher risk of developing cancer. The chances are that some cancers can run in the family. Breast cancer is one kind of cancer that has already been identified in this way. If your mother or sister had it, you might be at a higher risk than most of finding breast cancer yourself.

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Other cancers are even more common, regardless of genetic makeup. Prostate cancer is thought to occur in most men over the age of eighty. While the data to support any statistics regarding cancer could be considered to be in its infancy, it’s not something we should ignore. If something can be done to reduce our risk, then we should certainly do it.

We all know that smoking causes cancer. The ingredients of most cigarettes are carcinogenic. But there are many more everyday things that may contain carcinogens. It is thought that there may be a Talcum powder ovarian cancer link. And some paints and stains used inside and out of the house could be linked to cancer too. Asbestos can cause many health problems and death, and yet it was used for decades in housing structures.

In addition to environmental factors, lifestyle could play a part in cancer too. There have been some studies to suggest obesity could cause a huge array of health problems including cancer. Even dementia has been linked. Lifestyle changes now could help reverse or prevent obesity. This, in turn, may reduce the risk of certain illnesses and even cancer.

It is also widely believed that certain foods can play their part in reducing the risk of cancer. And some claims suggest that these foods may even stop cancer in its tracks once it has developed. If we truly can keep cancer at bay with a few subtle lifestyle changes, isn’t it worth making that effort? A new diet and regular exercise program could be the difference between healthy life and death from cancer.

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Cancer is still a frightening term. And it should be. It still claims thousands of lives every year across the globe. It can appear in many forms. While most cancer sufferers are over fifty, it can occur much younger. There are also childhood cancers that, while rare, can be completely devastating for families. Preventing cancer is an important consideration in all our lives, even though so many are still actively fighting it.

The best ways to prevent cancer are to live a healthy lifestyle. Avoid harmful environments and products known to be carcinogenic. If you are concerned about hereditary cancers, speak to your doctor for advice.

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