Arranging travel insurance if you have a medical condition

If you or one of your family members accompanying you have a medical condition, it is important that you read the small print on your existing travel insurance document before you set off on a vacation. Special rules apply to people who have a pre-existing medical condition, and those who are disabled. Make sure that your travel insurance covers all your stops and you prepare for all eventualities.

The guide below will help you plan your holiday and pick the right insurance.

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Traveling If You or Your Family Member Have a Medical Condition

If you have a medical condition, such as allergies, cancer, high blood pressure, or diabetes, you must let the insurance company know. If you don’t declare your condition and they find out later, you can have your insurance declined. Further, you need to check the “exclusions” section of the travel insurance document, to find out what is covered, and what is not. Routine checkups, for example, might not be paid for by the insurance company, only medical emergencies.

Traveling with Someone Over 80

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It is not easy to find an insurance company that covers people over 80. There are, however, some companies that specialize in providing protection for elderly people. Look for a company that advertises no upper limit, and doesn’t ask medical questions. The price of the insurance will be higher than with other companies, but you will get the peace of mind that if anything happens, your loved one will be safe. Don’t forget to check if the insurance company pays for transportation, or get in touch with air evac insurance to get advice on what is generally considered as an emergency situation and how to get pre-authorization. Generally, you need to get the emergency transport authorized by a professional to get it covered by your insurance.

Buy Insurance Before You Book the Vacation

To avoid wasting your time and money, you need to book your travel insurance before you start looking at holiday destinations. If you have a medical condition, you might be limited to certain countries where you can get a cover at a low cost. You don’t want to book a holiday and find out later that your insurance application for your destination has been declined.

Consider a Single Travel Insurance to Save Money

If you have researched the marketplace, and found that insurance companies would not insure you at a reasonable cost, try considering a single travel insurance to save money, This solution can be for you if you only take a few holidays a year, and you have a good health insurance plan. If you only go abroad once a year, why would you like to get a cover for 365 days?

Having a medical condition or traveling with someone who does can make choosing the right travel insurance challenging. Make sure you compare all the offers, choose a cover that will pay for emergency transport, treatments, and checkups, as well as delays caused by illness or medical emergencies. Read the small print and pay attention to the exclusions, so you can plan your vacation without having to worry about the unexpected.

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